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Aug-05-2007, 02:03
Which OS are you using in your computer?

I have listed the most popular ones ... If you are using something other than what is in the poll list, please check the "other" box and tell us what you are using. If you use multiple OS's, you can select more than one answer :grin:

If you want to add comments about your particular OS (operating system) or the good and/or bad points of it, please feel free to do so. This could also be a helpful thread for technical support if someone is having problems with their system and need help or advice.

Rune Vejby
Aug-05-2007, 15:35
Im using Windows XP on all of my PC's :)
This is mainly due to matters of compatibility - I need an OS which supports all the VST plug-ins I need :)

I personally don't have any experiences with the Mac OS or Linux, I would though like to try the latter sometime soon :)

Aug-05-2007, 20:59
I use Windows XP and Red Hat Linux.I'm considering to go for the latest Red Hat as my main OS(because of problems with Vista,especialy drivers for lesser known components:rolleyes: ).I have no experience with Mac at all,counting in the fact that Mac is not very well supported in South Africa.I'm not impressed with Vista,reminds me too much of Windows 2000.

Aug-06-2007, 16:50
I have used Windows XP since 2004 and have no real complaints. Microsoft is pretty good about sending out the service pack updates, so I am able to keep this machine current and up to date.

I've heard other reports about users being dissapointed with Vista - considering all the hype about it before release, we were all lead to believe this was going to be the windows version of the century. I'm quite happy with XP and find no reason to upgrade.

At a former workplace, I used Linux - seemed to be a good OS, but I found it rather clumsy to use. I guess it all depends what we grow up with.

I've heard that the Mac's are best for the serious applications users because of their sheer power and stability.

Aug-06-2007, 21:14
At present Windows XP is my primary OS and RH Linux my secondary OS.My intention is to make RH Linux my main OS and maintaining Windows XP because RH Linux is'nt compatable with certian programmes.My point is that,at R1500,00 Vista has no real significant advantage over Windows XP (unless you a big gaming afficiando).You can get Windows XP with Office and all the necessary drivers for printers etc. in one package,for half the price or even less:) .Krummhorn I'm intrigued to know which Linux OS was used in your former workplace (SUSE or RedHat perhaps),at present I have Red Hat 4 and hav'nt found it to be clumbsy.However SUSE in my opinion is not that user-friendly.

Aug-07-2007, 00:47
. . . . . Krummhorn I'm intrigued to know which Linux OS was used in your former workplace (SUSE or RedHat perhaps),at present I have Red Hat 4 and hav'nt found it to be clumbsy.However SUSE in my opinion is not that user-friendly.


I think it was Linux v1.0 or so ... this was in the late 90's ... Maybe it was lack of proper permissions that I needed to do my job and make life easier.

We also used a few Sun systems with Solaris ... not the current version 10, but a really old crude version 2.7 or something similar to that. No support from the IT folks either ... since they didn't but it for us, they refused to support it ... nice ... !!
Everyday operations using these was a crap shoot at best.

Frederik Magle
Aug-19-2007, 18:18
My main OS is Mac OS X, which I use on 3 computers: a Power Mac G5 (later this year to be replaced with a Mac Pro), a PowerBook and the server on which this site runs: a Mac mini with a 1.66GHz Intel Core Dual processor :)

However, I also have a Windows XP setup which I use for testing all changes made to this site on Internet Explorer.

Aug-19-2007, 21:26
I stopped using windows XP, since I now use a Linux-based distribution: Fedora. With some troubles and many hours spent at computer, I now have an efficient OS that can do all XP can.
Anyway I still have a copy of XP installed on my PC at office, even if I often use my notebook with linux for work and private use too.
There are a lot of music players developed for linux. I prefer Amarok, that can play all kinds of music files.

Regards, mario

Aug-27-2007, 04:35
I use Debian, and I've just fallen in love with alsabuilder. Sine waves, square waves, sawtooth waves, traingle waves, custom envelopes, custom filters . . . wheeee!!!!!

Never had that sort of excitement in windows. Oh, I'm sure I could have if I'd spent a few hundred dollars on the appropriate program, but in Linux I get it for free!

Aug-28-2007, 04:19
sorry, that's artsbuilder not alsabuilder. Though alsa is nice too.

Aug-28-2007, 18:07
Right now I'm at the public library using a Hp. with windows xp on it. At
home my computer is a windows 98 which is a lot of company. I have a
program on it where I will say something when I start a new program or
when the program or game is over with a Welcome back, or good bye.
It even shows picture slides!:D
judy tooley

Aug-29-2007, 00:08
Bill Gates is GR8. So I see no reason why anyone should be using anything else but Windows XP


Greetings from
Sunny Sussex Coast

Sep-03-2007, 04:47
Windows is expensive, Linux is free (as well as stable, easy, customizable, and capable of doing pretty much anything). Though Bill Gates is helping pay for my masters degree, so I really can't complain about him!

Sep-21-2007, 08:32
Recently had huge problem with Internet Explorer. I had upgraded from v6 about a year ago, and could until recently, listen to mp3 files while online. Lately, some would work and others not. Discovered the problem was within IE itself - Netscape wasn't much better at this than IE. Switched to Mozilla Firefox a week ago and VOILA no more problems.

Any others here have trouble using IE or Netscape?

Andrew Roussak
Sep-21-2007, 12:14
Hi Krummhorn,

I am a WINDOWS XP user too. As it is being updated automatically, I guess I must have the same system as any other user at this point of time.

I have never had actually any troubles with IE, though I have heard from others about the things you are talking about. So their advice was to use Netscape or Mozilla.

Corno Dolce
Oct-02-2007, 10:30
I love my Mac G5 and I can run all the latest Linux and Solaris if I so choose.

Dec-06-2007, 16:11
I did run Linux for a while, but it was just easier to go back to XP when I got a new business machine...

THinking about a power mac or similar soon tho. :)