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Aug-22-2004, 13:04
Well, hello again.
First, thank you all for your warm greeting.
Now, i would like to say something - in which i believe.
I believe that one can tell the difference between an ordinary composer and an Orgel composer.
I'll specify: Take for example Bach himself. As an organist and an Organ Composer, he was after the idea of complete harmony and a total sound. Now, as an acompany, the arts of the fugue and the prelude recieved a completly new meaning. As my friend mirjam said - "i can't think of any instrument, that has equal or more possibilities - you'd need an orchestra! " - so, Organ can express so much!
Going back to our friend Bach, his feelings toward a melody and toward harmony got sharpen. Therefore, Even in his Orchestral creations you can listen for yourself to a complete, total harmony - No matter which instrument is playing. Take now others, and you'll see that there's less power, something, something from that glorious harmony is missing. I do not say that they are less good, but if you're an organ lover - you'll understand what i'm saying...

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