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Aug-26-2007, 17:55
Metal is not acceptable for its views. It is masculine, assertive, and warlike. It does not use an accepted structure for controllable mainstream music. It does not attempt to distract. It's a war call. And socialized people don't like that.

Metal doesn't have political views, but it has ideological life values that conflict with modern society. Control is how we make money. Control is how we force other people to be our wives, friends, neighbors. Control is usurped by the independent, holistic-moral warrior.

Metal, socially unacceptable for its values? - death metal blog (http://metal-blogs.com/death/2007/08/26/metal-socially-unacceptable-for-its-views/)

I've found this to be somewhat true just from listening to people try to hear metal for the first time. If it's heavy metal, they're more relaxed. Death metal they don't even know how to follow. It sounds random to them, confusing and like its going in every direction at once. And then once they see the songs are about death and war, and aren't laments, they get worried. It doesn't fit into the moral paradigm, by sound or by sense. Metal is war, ideological values war against the sheeplike mentality.

Oct-16-2007, 16:52
Interesting post. I'm not a huge fan of metal, but when it's done well, it really smokes. As for the lyrics, they are, admittedly, largely a matter of taste.

Oct-22-2007, 15:49
most of the metal genres i don't really relate to
but there are some genres that i really like and when done well
the music is awesome
the genres that i do like in metal are symphonic,gothic and some doom
lately there are some great bands that produce wonderful music in these metal genres.

Dec-16-2007, 16:07
Am more the progressive rock kind myself, but some metal can really smoulder.

When they aren't screeching, they're divine. Which is sort of an irony isn't it? a divine death metal band...lol ;)

Dec-31-2007, 18:15
Am more the progressive rock kind myself, but some metal can really smoulder.

I'm a classical listener who likes some metal and keyboard bands (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Eno). I generally don't like modern/post-modern music, but there are some worthy exceptions. Of them, metal is probably the best because it has some balls!

Jul-10-2008, 14:59
I would have to contest metal is not politically or socially engaged, I would say they put it in an allegory instead, buried beneath piles of dead bodies, oceans of blood and twisted thoughts....
Look at Samaƫl, it sounds like satan satan bla... in the meantime they're pointing out the Hypocrisy enherent in Christianity.
Look at Rage against the Machine for instance, ALL their lyrics are politically inclined...
Or Tool for instance..... I LOVE Tool.... the lyrics are fantastic and okay... it's not hard all the time, but I would most definately classify them as metal.
Beneath the surface lies a deeper meaning, and most people are to lazy to find out what it's REALLY about. It's just like that when people read books, most people don't get that Tolkien (and Terry Goodkind and many many others) are alluding to modern day society as an overbearing corrupted entity which is gradually taking away freedom until we have none left. At least not until they read an interview in which the author says so.... it's a shame nobody reads between the lines anymore.

Aug-12-2008, 23:34
I just wonder if your orginal post is a question or a statement? Are you saying "all metal is about war", or are you asking is that what people generally see it as? Taking one of the stalwarts of metal, the indefatigable Iron Maiden, their lyrics are certainly not just about war. Saxon in their day sang about steam locomotives, and Kamelot have some very high-minded lyrics.
And don't forget that some of the heaviest bands around have written some of the most beautiful ballads.
On balance, I think metal is the closest we will ever get to true Classical music, again, when it's done properly. There are undoubtedly some awful bands out there, just making noise, and bringing the whole metal genre down with their tuneless caterwauling (IMO). This can make it more difficult for "outsiders" to appreciate proper metal, as they think it's all about screaming, shouting, blood and war, and miss the better and more nobler elements within heavy metal.