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Sep-03-2004, 21:17

I love the layout of this site! Excellent. I have a few things to share as far as an introduction, here they are in order of my favorite:

I have some songs based on the 7 chakras and 7 notes correlation, Major scale has 3-4 to heart and 7-8 crown to next step synced, Lydian 'raises the heart chakra' with 4-5 and 7-8 synced, then the Melodic Minor has 3 'leading tones,' one 2-3, one 5-6 and one 7-8. I explore these using do-re-mi, chakra sounds and other ideas here: http://Givnology.com/compose.htm

I like to create 'venues' or 'portals' where people can create their own multimedia, here is an example of this welcome present (he he..): http://inersha.com/wellbein/eric0101.htm

I am creating the CD inserts for my CDs, 1.5MB Word files: http://Inersha.com/purelove.doc http://Inersha.com/jumpupst.doc and http://Inersha.com/worldsou.doc and I am so happy to be describing all of the 'inside jokes' or forms and musical techniques in each song!

I have 'continuous play' web designs like http://Inersha.com and http://Givnology.com/compose.htm

There are other things like a guitar tablature font you'll see in the CD inserts that I wouldn't mind sharing, I'll insert the picture of one in the next post "Ice Cream Chords."

I think that's more than enough hello for now eh? Nice place you have got here! Peace and harmony to all.


Sep-05-2004, 14:03
welcome aboard Teo.

Frederik Magle
Sep-06-2004, 20:23
Welcome to MIMF.dk Teo! https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Hope to see you around often! - I will take a look at the files/links you posted soon.