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Oct-16-2007, 13:01

In 1982, Sussex-born Rory Ridley-Duff and Stephen Anscombe released One Day a New Horizon, now acknowledged as one of English progressive rock's 'hidden treasures'. Popularised by Japanese, UK and US record collectors, a misunderstanding led to hundreds of advance order requests pouring into Protos's web-site from Japan. With such interest, the band quickly established a company and re-issued their original album on CD.

25 years on, Rory and Stephen have produced another stunning contribution to the genre.

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The Noble Pauper's Grave (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/protos4) (released 18th October 2007) tells the story of a man born to privilege who rejects his upbringing. Drawn to the plight of the poor, he helps to organise and rally support for their cause whilst finding love amongst them. A tale of humility, tragedy, courage and affection conveyed through ambient narratives and rock music.

The album opens with Born a Bit Blue, an upbeat blues number depicting the energy of youth. This is followed by Travels, a lilting melodic number in 5/4 time that portrays the noble sailing away to a new life. Next comes The Rally, one of two tracks on the album that exceed 10-minutes in length. This powerful rock track intersperses a march with reflective and melancholic passages. The Final Dawn is a tuneful reprise communicated through a subtle arrangement for guitar, saxophone, flute, acoustic bass, piano and strings. The fifth track, Outcry, has a dark and moody opening before breaking out in another powerful rock track. The central section depicts a dance that leads to an erotically charged love-scene. The finale, echoing the track's opening theme, paints a picture of the noble's emotional turmoil as his lover departs. Aftermath, another upbeat rock number captures the mood of the noble as he faces the retribution of his followers. Departures closes the album with a beautiful portrayal of the noble's funeral and ascent into folk lore.

The album is being released in two versions. The retail CD contains 13 tracks: music and narratives dovetail seamlessly into a continuous 51-minute performance. It will appeal strongly to choreographers looking for dramatic new dance music. The digital store release contains only the 7 music tracks. This will appeal to those who prefer to download music for MP3 and iPod playlists. The album will initially be available from CD Baby before appearing in digital stores and specialist retail outlets.

The Story So Far...
PRESS COMMENT up to October 2007.


One Day a New Horizon (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/protos1)

"Congratulations on one of the best Prog Rock albums made "

Dave Martin, Whitchurch Prog Rock Festival Organiser, England"Totally original...best amongst the British progressive rock bands"

Yasushi Tsurutu, Orange Power Prog Rock Magazine, Japan (Tokyo)"I am amazed it never garnered more success. Protos is one band that
begs to be listened to again..."

Gregg Kovach, Prog Rock DJ, USA (Chicago)"This collection really is a surprise to me as it opens the doors into
a world where symphonically tinged prog rock lives in eternal
splendour; it's beauty and magnificence never fading away. I
recommend without reserve."

Fabio Rancati, Progressive Rock Reviewer, Italy"...one of the most important albums of this particular sub-genre and in my opinion is one of the best..."

Maribor, Progressive Ears Review"There's no denying the musical genius here...it has all the elements
that make the genre so appealing: stellar musicianship, soaring
melodies, complex passages, virtuoso solos, and that vintage

Peter Pardo, Sea of Tranquility Review"This is a long lost classic... it combines everything I love about the

Ron Fuchs, Prognaut Reviewhttp://www.roryridleyduff.com/roryridleyduff1-Cover-Mini.jpg

Passing Decades (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/roryridleyduff1) (the album that 'accidentally' revived interest in
Protos's music)

"... a fine testament to a very talented musician and composer..."

Peter Pardo, Sea of Transquilty Review, USA"Variations, Tempest and The Maiden, are each a fully-fledged art-rock
creation, the former being the absolute winner in my eyes....."

Vitaly Menshikov, Russia"I enjoy all the tracks on this CD, but I'm always drawn to Tempest
and Space every time I've listened to it."

Ron Fuchs, Prognaut Review."The best is saved till the end, where Space, a 12-minute stunner
wraps up this interesting album. Ambient and soundtrack music lovers
are in for a treat."

Eddie Lascu, Gnosis Review.