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Oct-17-2007, 07:57
Hi All,

Apologies if there's a sticky for this and I've missed it, but I've spent the past several months preparing a concert programme which I'm performing this Sunday (Oct 21) at the splendid Walker organ in the Adelaide Town Hall. So if anyone happens to be in town :grin: ... please drop in - it's free.

Vierne - Allegro Vivace (from Symphony No.1)
Sweelinck - Est-ce Mars?
Alain - Variations on a theme of Clement Jannequin
Bach - Passacaglia
Glass - Mad Rush
Vierne - Final (from Symphony No.1)

I am also performing one of my own works with a guest soprano, entitled True. It's a setting of Shakespeare's Sonnet 109.


Oct-17-2007, 20:54
Great energetic program, Soubasse ...

I am rather partial to the Vierne Final . It was the one track on my 2nd LP that I listened to the most.

Oct-17-2007, 21:28
Soubasse, I wished I could be there. I will have to play the pipe organ
at my church and pretend it's you playing at the Adelaide Town Hall on
the Walker organ. Just have the performance recorded for the rest of
us in the forum.
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Oct-18-2007, 23:45
Hello Krummhorn,

There is something about Vierne's use of *Leitmotiv* in his organ symphonies - almost Wagnerian.


Corno Dolce

Oct-22-2007, 05:54
The fat lady has sung (well actually, it was an incredibly slim lady who sung for me yesterday, but you know what I mean).

Sadly, I almost managed to seriously derail the Bach on two occasions. I actually had to drop a part to get myself back on track without actually deleting a bar. I think the fact that my former teacher was in the audience made me a little nervous - especially since I was under the impression that she wasn't going to be there!:eek:

The Glass was well received as was my own piece - and it was lovely surprise for my wife. I'd rigged the advertising blurb and even the printed programme so that she had no idea. So the first she knew of it was at the moment I made the announcement on stage that I'd be performing a piece I'd written especially for her. I then announced the guest soprano (a good friend of ours) who sung it beautifully.

Both Vierne pieces went well and so hopefully it was a fitting acknowledgement of the 70th anniversary. Always a pleasure to play the Final (especially on that lovely instrument). I find that Symphony's conclusion far more satisfying than that thing by Widor.;)


Apr-18-2008, 04:51
Sounds cool man.

Apr-18-2008, 05:45
Matt - do you have a recording, I'd love to hear it mate?