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Dec-07-2007, 14:08
Does someone in this forum like electroacoustic music ?

If you like it :
Do you only listen to this music ?
Do you compose such music ?
:D J-Paul :D

Corno Dolce
Dec-07-2007, 17:44
Hi J.P.

Would it be possible for you to elaborate on what is meant by *electro-acoustic*? An acoustic guitar thats electronically amplified? Seriously, the term baffles me...


Corno Dolce

Dec-09-2007, 20:37
The same to me.
"Electroacoustic" can mean a lot of different things.

Dec-13-2007, 13:22
Dear friends
By electroacoustic, We mean, music written without instruments. Sounds can result from many sources, electronic sounds, magnetic tapes cut and pasted, natural noise or human voices.... They are edited (filters, ring modulator, time strectching, detune ... then mixed with a multitape or sequencer.
You can listen to some sample of this king of music I wrote at :
The text, I apologise, is in French, but the music can be heard by anybody.

Corno Dolce
Dec-13-2007, 16:21
Hello J.P.

Long time no see, eh? Good to hear from you again. Thank you for giving a definition of what you meant by Electroacoustic. I listened through those mp3's - To be honest, I can't say that I'm moved by it but others might be very enchanted by it.

Sorry, no offense intended dear sir.

Corno Dolce

Dec-13-2007, 17:26
Hi J-Paul,

I thoroughly enjoyed these music samples of yours ... having been in the electronics field for many years, I can certainly appreciate the realm of electronic music creation and how you are able to "shape" the sound through filters and such. I often imagined that the electronic circuitry I was working with had 'feelings' and if it could have been heard, this is what it would have sounded like.

Really enjoyed listening to Les Insectes and Urgences Diatoniques. Very nice.

Btw, no need to apologize for the French text ... we respect that being as it is your native tongue. We have music as the universal language.

Dec-13-2007, 20:33
Hi !
thank you for your comments.
I quite understand that this music may be horrible for many people, as it is very special :confused:. But as, you can see, for the moment 50% of the people like it in this forum :grin:
Myself, I do not like "urgences diatoniques"too, it is very old, it's one of my first electroacoustic works, made with syntheziser. Nowaday I do not use synthezisers anymore but only sound I make myself with very unespected objects. For instance "Glass concerto" is made with only 4 or 5 sound generators; these generators are a bottle, a crystal glass and some small box in glass. And 95% of the noises of "Mouth Ticks" (that means "mosquito" in French) are made with my mouth only.

Jan-23-2008, 05:22
Musicalis, thanks for the link to your music. I very much enjoyed Pear-Amids, Maree Noire, and Erika, and plan on hearing the rest soon.

I don't have much in my collection of electro-acoustic music, but when I was in college I loved hearing Stockhausen's work in a similar vein with Gesang der Junglinge and Kontake. I have a few composers such as Francis Dhomont and Ludger Bruemmer wishlisted on my Amazon account.
I wonder if much of this kind of music gets recognition in America much.