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Dec-08-2007, 01:26
Hi to everyone

Probably someone has hear this name "scpop" already... if no, I want present you a my old activity : the Scpop (Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project), born in 1997 in order to develop a very low cost organ at home...

I and my friend have used a commercial (10 years ago..) midi module; we have programmed it to sound as quite real Pipe organ and have realized a user friendly interface to configure the stops easily. ;)

I invite you to our site :)


Please, download the Mp3 sample on the main page to hear the sound of our work; now the project is totally free and anyone can download it...
Please, ask me for any questions about it :grin:


Phil :cool:

Jan-18-2008, 23:13
You have a very interesting midifile archive.
I have placed a link to scpop and to your archives on my own web site. Please, tell me if you do not agree.

:D Musicalis :)

Jan-19-2008, 02:40
That sounds pretty cool - too bad I dont understand anything in those things :(

Jan-19-2008, 20:36
My Gosh what a beautiful organ. I love old and antique things that are
unique. I'm afraid that the organ that is shown in water will be in ice
right here at only 28 degrees.
judy tooley

Jan-22-2008, 00:27
Hi, Musicalis! Thank you for Scpop link on your site! The notes reported are very good. Thank you again..

Hi, Judy! 28 Degrees would mean -2 on our Farenheit, I believe! Today the climate is not good here, in the morning there is ice here, too!

Jan-22-2008, 11:42
Hi dom Bedos

Good remark. In my country, 28° is very warm too, we only have it in july or august.
PS- Thanks for your latest post.

:) j-Paul :)

May-10-2011, 13:43
Hello there!

Just minutes ago I managed to start SCPOP55 in XP and play your excellent sounds through it from an old Roland D-5 - thank you so much for this program! Perhaps I´ll upgrade the projekt with a newer SC module...

After several years I´ve started again to finish the project and I´m quite satisfied with the furniture and it´s just the pedals - an used setup 30 pieces unit, with magnets and a MIDI cirquit(about 130 US dollars http://www.holmsjoorglar.zoomin.se/ ) from a local genius in the north of Sweden I´m not finished with yet, but I´ve actually produced midi signals and sounds so what´s left is some meccanical adjustments.

I´m 60+ so my youngest son have this last weekend helped me to fix this old computer I´m using and, as I wrote, the prg is working but I simply am not able to complete with the registration files and I can´t find the info about it on your site, do you think you could help me out here in a short way - I don´t want to bother you that much?


May-16-2011, 09:07
hi dear!! I'm filippo, one of two creator of SCPOP project :-)
thank you to use our old software! I remember you that our sw is now freeware, you can download all the versions and registered files from www.scpop.de
I have verified that it is ok today !!
Write me for any question to filippo.tigli@libero.it !!
Now I'm working with a real "little" instrument instead the virtual one.. see us on