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Dec-11-2007, 12:55
I want to ask about music software. Is anything you need?

I have to write an application to finish my it studies. I would like to create something useful and open source.

Dec-12-2007, 03:35
well:) now that you mention it, yeah, there is something I always thought would come in handy, at least for myself. An open source version of protools beat detective, thus enable it to be run in au, vsti and so forth as a plug in for several music softwares.. not sure if it is possible but I have found it extremely useful to use beat detective in order to re-align the grids after the drum tracking (retaining human feel) rather then forcing everyone to be as close to the click as possible (in other words, having players play to click to some degree but after the take when the "off" bits are human variations, re-align the click to the take instead of editing the take to the click).. this is extremely useful for further editing in terms of getting things to lock with the drummer instead of how the grid were before the re-alignment. As far as I am aware, protools is the only system where this is now possible, but I can't see any reason why it can't be done in other Daw programs???

Dec-28-2007, 16:31
Thank you for your generous offer.
here is a small idea . I use a virtual pipe organ. A sequencer reads a midifile that I send to the virtual organ via Midiyoke (a virtual midipipe) or I play directly with a midi keyboard.
MyOrgan runs a little like a VST plugin, but it is not a VST plugin. The organ sounds are output by ASIO or can be recorded as wave files. In the second case, it is easy to add reverb to the wave file (not is real time), but when the sound is send directly to the speakers by the ASIO, it is very dry. So I use to add an hardware reverb between the audio output of my computer and my amplifier.
My idea is the following:
is it possible yo design a software reverb that will modify the direct sound of the organ so as to be able to play organ music, in live, without hardware reverb ?

Dec-28-2007, 23:39
It sounds nice to talk about this application. However my computer at
home is a little old for such a program. I wished I could do that but I
would need a synthiser to do this which I don't have. I usually write
my music the oldfashion way.
judy tooley