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Dec-14-2007, 10:17
If you have any time and patience, please, go to my http://www.scpop.de

This was my old project, and it allows me (and more more enthusiast) to play a "decent" virtual organ at home in a really cheaper manner..:D

Please, download the mp3 sample on first page , the Bach Wachet Chorale to have a idea about our virtual instrument plays..
And, if you want, give me freely here your impressions.. :p

This project is totally free of charge !!

Thank you!
I'm waiting for your feelings.. :rolleyes:

Dec-14-2007, 10:18
If you want wiev how it works , please go to the first right link "how scpop it works"..

Dec-14-2007, 11:54
Hi dom Bedos

I have listened to your record of Bach's choral. Very reallistic sound for a sound canvas. But I have no sound canvas.
May be, it can run with a Roland D110 ? Do you know if it is possible ?

Dec-14-2007, 15:54
Hi, Musicalis!
The D110 appears not compatible with Sound Canvas specifications.. so, our virtual organ cannot play over it.. I'm sorry..
Any SCD15, SC88, SC88 pro etc are able to play the Scpop organ, obtaining live sounds as you can hear on the Mp3...
A important thing : this system HASN'T any appreciable delay, and this is the main advantage versus organ-softwares that uses large wavesamples on pc memory..
The problem is to find a Sound Canvas module. But they are really cheaper today.. it can be found easily over internet at really low price..
I use a sc88 module with 2 midi-keyboards and sounds is really nice!

Write me for any info!

Dec-14-2007, 21:46
The sound is pleasingly authentic. I would consider using this if I were to put together my own organ--which I might do in the distant future.

Dec-15-2007, 00:08
I have a large mp3 collection, played from our Scpop friends during latest 10 years.
One of them was died 3 years ago, and I want rember he here; he was a canadian architect, Louke. He performed many works for our sound canvas pipe organ project.
If you see the www.scpop.de midi archive, I'm adding the Mp3 versions ..
So, you will hear better the scpop performances.

Dec-15-2007, 00:46
You don't know it but I'm a big organ fan as well as a player of one.
The organ at the church is a bit smaller than some that you play.
The little wicks at my church has only two manuals the Swell and the
great along with the bass pedals. The antique organ in the scpop
picture is adorable. The one I play is actually new.
judy tooley

Dec-15-2007, 01:30
Hi Dombedos,
Thanks for the tip about the mp3 recordings. I've started to listen to them. It's an excellent idea, since many of us don't have Sound Canvas--not yet anyways.


Dec-15-2007, 17:04
Hi! I'm happy that you can hear our mp3 collection.. due to space server problems, the mp3 was removed 2 years ago, but now, thanks to S.Domenico Project, we havent' space problems, so I'm pumping many mp3 files to the site..
Please, if you have time, take a look over "composer" page..
This was filled by our contributor, and some pieces are interesting. Personally, I compose (Filippo Tigli) only on '700 stile, or better, I improvise only.. I don't know the literature writing,so all my pieces are strictly improvisation.. have a good listen!
and.. W the Pipe Organs..!!