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Corno Dolce
Dec-26-2007, 21:20
A Tuba Septett with percussion *gets down* on it:



Corno Dolce

Dec-28-2007, 00:27
Ever heard of Future Crew? Or Peter Hajba?
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Dec-28-2007, 10:03
Hi Ms. Judy,

I'm afraid I've never heard of either of them. I'll *google* them and see what turns up.


Corno Dolce

Jan-11-2008, 10:20
Corno Dolce and methodistgirl.

Finnish jazz is as good as all other jazz. I guess had it been classical music, I could have mentioned Sibelius (only to show off).

I know of three finnish top notch jazz musicians - Jokka Tolonen (guitars), Edward Vesela (drums) and Aje Thelin (trombone). The two latter joined Kenny Wheeler on his album "Around 6" a generation in years ago.

Have fun,

Jan-11-2008, 16:29
Hi all.
I watched this clip for several times and showed it to few of my friends too.
I really like the song and the fact that it has mostly horns in it, I love horns :)
And that dude with tuba is amazing, taking it really low at the end.
Then to correct a few names intet-at-table wrote in last post, just want people to find them from google if they want to search.
It's Jukka Tolonen (guitar), Edward Vesala (drums) and Eje Thelin (trombone).
Now I'm going to go and do a little research on Jon Sass to find out what he's done.

Jan-12-2008, 08:23

Thank you for the spell error correction on Eje Thelin, not Aje.

The album I referred to with Kenny Wheeler from www.ecm.com (http://www.ecm.com) "Around 6". The band members are Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), Ewan Parker (tenor and soprano saxophone), Tom van der Geld (vibraharp), Eje Thelin (trombone), the late J. F. Jenny Clark (double bass) and Edward Vesela (drums). The album was recorded in 1979, probably released 1980.

I believe Jokka Tolonen would be better known to most people for his contribution in rock music. But he was very hip in Denmark in the 1970´s. The reason I wrote (guitars) is that "guitars" equals both acoustic and electric guitars.

Best regards,