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Jan-12-2008, 16:38
DANNY COUCH " the voice of These Islands "
Honolulu, HAWAII

One of the most Special evening of my life was when:

My husband and I went
To see Danny Couch at the Sheraton
At about 655 PM we came back upstairs luckily were second in line to enter the show room .
I had been chatting with a lady who was with her group of Navy wives, when John tapped me on the shoulder and said
"Honey, you might want to see this,",I turned around. and said, "On my God, Honey, who is that?? ( I knew very well who it was, just couldnÂ’t believe it !!! ) John said, I think it is Danny, dear. Danny Couch was right there !!!!!
Greeting the lady in front of us! I did not expect him to be there right at the door to the show room, How many entertainers are greeting you at the door!!!I was almost speechless ( For me, that is something new, LOL } and felt like a school girl
trembling with excitement going to her first concert. Just that morning at the Aloha Stadium Flea Market, I had been talking to Patty ,( a nice lady who has a Chinese Seed and Fruit booth about Danny Couch and his music

Well. My turn came, WOW !!!, I hazily remember telling him how much , ( I was in a daze, almost like a out of body experience }
I Love his music Danny Couch is such a
Warm, humble and wonderful person. and Girls!! Let me tell you! OOO La La, Sigh!! Danny is also very handsome and charismatic. He has none of the pretenses or aritificialites that
Many entertainers have today.
Danny came out on stage and just lit up the
Room with his wonderful charismatic presence by singing " Hawaii, My Paradise" , If you love his music and have not seen him perform, please do so, You will fall even more in love with this warm, wonderful man's music If you have not heard his music, go to his show, you will be come an instant fan.
Danny sang old and new favorites and took the time to interact with
The audience on a warm one on one basis, just like we were at his
home,in his back yard, When Danny sang his romantic ballads like Kuuipo ( My SweetHeart,) You feel like the song is being sung in your ear, just for you. Danny Couch sings the words and the emotions of any song he performs. They so truly come from his heart. Danny becomes the song he is singing and is united as one with his song and his audience and his music becomes one with you, a part of you forever.

When Danny sang These Islands
I just could not help but cry
Danny's show lasted 90 minutes, and seemed to go much to fast. Afterward, Danny took time to talk to all of his guests., we all now felt like his friends. I left feeling elated but a little sad like I had to leave a dear friend that I had traveled a long way to visit
I could write pages and pages about Danny's Wonderful Show, but mere words cannot begin to describe how I felt that night, Seeing Danny Couch perform his wonderful music.
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