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Jan-23-2008, 16:26
Hi !
I wrote this music about two years ago for a great orchetra like the French Garde Républicaine.
I am glad to present you today the full version of the "Suite Républicaine" with its seven movements. Only 5 attachments are allowed, so here are the 5 first movements. Hymne (3bis) is an alternate movement that has not been used.
- 1 marche américaine
- 2 gymnopédie
- 3 intermède
- 3bis hymne
- 4 boléro

The full score is available on my web site, or ask me.
Please, tell me if you like, even if music is played by virtual instruments.

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Jan-23-2008, 21:35
Hi Musicalis,

I have downloaded and listened to those pieces - I think they are really great. To me it sounds like a combination of music that I have heard here and there, from different places, different genres, etc. I think these call for an orchestra performance, however (obviously, because you wrote them for an orchestra). What i was trying to say, is that the music is really so broad, it needs a broad variety of instruments to express it, add dimension to it, bring it to life in all its greatness. I think it really would be great to hear it performed by an orchestra :):):)

Feb-17-2008, 08:26
I liked it. i also like it on virtual instruments provided the originality is maintained.

Feb-17-2008, 13:20
I'm currently downloading.... :)

Feb-20-2008, 02:42
Great pieces, Musicalis ...

PS: If you want to add the other movements to the first posting, I can help you with that.
Just make another post here with the remaining attachments, and I can merge them into the initial post.

Feb-20-2008, 09:53
Thanks Lars
Here are the last movements:
4bis Andante
5 Final or Epilogue

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Oct-22-2008, 22:38
wow. i am really impressed! how long did you take to compose it?

Oct-22-2008, 23:12
Here is the answer :

Marche americaine : 25 heures 19 minutes 41 secondes
gymnopedie : 22 heures 21 minutes 2 secondes
Hymne : 8 heures 55 minutes 4 secondes
Bolero : 27 heures 14 minutes 29 secondes
Intermede : 27 heures 52 minutes 50 secondes
Andante : 27 heures 8 minutes 34 secondes
Epilogue : 18 heures 9 minutes 41 secondes

This timing very precise is given by my notation software Harmony-assistant (Myriad-online). It doesn't include the time I have spent with my piano
(acoustic) to write or to test some passages of the music.

Please visit http://organ.monespace.net and http://musicalis.monespace.net for more of my musics.