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Jan-24-2008, 10:12

I like doing orchestral pop/rock originals.
I am in the process now of recording material I believe will be adaquate enough to pitch. And pitching them for films and even small pieces for advertising jingles.
Who or where do the members believe would be the best place to pitch my finished recordings with what I described?

Thank You!

Jan-25-2008, 12:00
If you're thinking advertising, do the rounds of the ad agencies. Be prepared for a lot of rejection but don't give up. Just keep pushing....

Jan-25-2008, 13:51
Thanks NEB.

That does take having a pretty thick skin.
Mine is made of calices.

I was thinking ad agencies but also in general with films large and small.

I go through search and there is so many of them, I figured someone here might find one that has given them results and reputable with no scamming.

Jan-25-2008, 14:31
Various TV/radio stations use jingles and things all the time. another avenue perhaps?

It's gonna be about imagination and legwork and a very large dose of luck to be in the right place at the right time just when someone is looking...

Feb-10-2008, 21:53
Have your surname changed to "Cohen" , that'll work:) No offense
To be honest, you'll have to let people use your music for free. Thats the best way to advertise. If you're really good, you'll sure receive positive feedback and your reputation'll grow. That sounds only charitable, but probably the best way to enter the industry. In my opinion go for the short films that'll be shown in festivals and have your name written in the credits.
Good luck:)

Feb-10-2008, 23:54
How about the media? oz is right...it's the fastest way...the media too is a good way to be known...but just like the internet, content is king.

Feb-11-2008, 06:26
Thanks ozgunpelit and CS.

Yeah, my name certaintly could'nt be invisioned with the great performing works.
I have thought of another name. Somehow I think there may be the eccentric type in the business that would want a weird sounding name. I was just Banx at first, than I found all kinds at sites that had that. So I published under my current name at the U.S. Copyright Office. I only have a listenership doing this thus far as a hobbyist, so it probably would'nt be that big a deal to change it.
No one else has mattbanx though. though I have seen a painter on the net called Matt Banks.
I would like a name if I change it that no one else has.

Hav'nt much knowledge with the media outside of putting my recordings on many sites throughout the internet for comments. Much of them are pretty rough, but I have been trying to develop my recordings and songwriting for the last 4 yaers and even before and am going to join ASCAP real soon. I'm self taught basically. But I'm going more with some non-musical themes other than the usual pop subjects and am increasingly eclectic.

Feb-11-2008, 16:24
Haha I was just joking actually. Because many well-known film score composers and Hollywood producers are of jewish heritage, and "Cohen" is a common jewish surname:D
But yeah, reconsider the pro bono work.

Jun-16-2008, 07:37
Hollywood is run by the Jewish marfia? Goodness, what a revelation ...