View Full Version : Eureka! Digital versions of small organs and stuff.

Feb-15-2008, 14:42
What a find this sub-forum is for me.
I've been messing around with a soft synth 'Z3TA' to create my 'versions' of small portative, positive and chamber organ kinda patches. I just heard about Myorgan 5 minutes ago. Can it be true? Does it really work well? I tried running Miditzer but the latency made it unplayable for me (my fault?) yet I have no realy performance issues with Z3ta or Proteus.

1. Where do I get Myorgan?
2. Are there latency issues with it?
3. Are there small chamber organ size sounds with it or available?
4. Can I share my meager Z3tA patches with everyone somehow?

Thanks so much. I'm gonna be hanging out here a lot!!

Feb-15-2008, 16:18
Hello !
For 1), 2) and 3) I can help you. Go to this page of my website, you will find many informations about MyOrgan .

For 4), I am sorry, I do not know what you are talking about.

PS : on my PC computer (2.6 Ghz) with Asio4 there is no latency at all.

Feb-15-2008, 16:44
Thanks man. Tonight I will be all over your website!!!

haha. Z3TA is a software based analogue synthesizer. I wrote some patches for it to sound like a small very 'windy' organ. If anyone else is running z3ta I can share my patches with them.

Feb-17-2008, 17:20
Well, I installed Myorgan and downloaded a few freebie organs and I'm generally pleased. My only issue is the dryness of all the samples. I gather there is some 'plugin' kinda way to add some reverb to these, that will be my next step. I also downloaded a wonderful blanchette harpsichord, but the darn thing is in a=415. Annoying when I had planned to accompany my recorder player friend who has a 440 instrument!


Feb-17-2008, 21:01
In this case, you have to tune again each wach file with a software like AUDACITY (free) or SOUNDFORGE (this one enables batch processing).