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Oct-15-2004, 23:30
I am researching the performance of J.S. Bach's music in Ireland. I have found a Dublin Journal for 1855 which contains a reference to a performance of a Bach Chorale ('There is a calm for those who weep'). Can you help me to identify this Chorale. This is the extract:

Extract from SAUNDERS NEWSLETTER. (Dublin, Ireland) 3rd March 1855.


The Society’s Concert of last evening … A variety of choral pieces constituted the first part…The beautiful cantata ‘Saviour of Sinners’ by Mendelssohn, followed, the leading tenor part being taken by Mr Geary. A chorale, ‘There is a calm for those who weep’, by J.S. Bach, accompanied on the organ… completed the first part.


Oct-20-2004, 15:58
How can I listen to the Bach Chorale?

Oct-20-2004, 17:32
You can't... I think he's refering to the title "There is a calm for those who weep"... it doesn't appear to be something Bach wrote, or at least not in any generally accepted translation of a chorale by Bach.
So the questions is rather, I think, which Bach chorale has been given this title?
I personally can't think of any, but then again, my knowledge of chorales by Bach is somewhat limited.

Frederik Magle
Jan-17-2005, 19:09
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higher than hope
Jan-25-2005, 21:58
look i think you may have the wrong sond titles but i f not this one"There is a calm for those who weep’