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Feb-22-2008, 22:38
I am helping a friend set up MyOrgan on his computer to be played from a pipe organ console he built, using standard drawstops with electrical contacts fitted. We got it going yesterday, using the free sample sets of the Ott Orgel and the Stiers-Mockers organ. It sounds fantastic! But I have a problem using the "Listen for Event" function. We set up the Ott stops easily enough - he can play that organ now using his drawstops at the console. But we found that the Stiers-Mockers organ already had stops on the computer program allocated to the drawstops, and we would prefer to remove that allocation and start afresh. How do we do that? A PM (Personal Message) would be welcome if the answer is very technical.

Feb-22-2008, 23:12
I'm curious myself. I couldn't get the 'listen for events' function to 'hear' any events.

Feb-23-2008, 15:46

May be I have not understood very well your problem, but if I have understood correctly, the solution is esay.
Make a copy of the ODF (to be able to restore it) then open the ODF with notepad.exe and clear all the sections that store organ stops combinations.
Today I have no time, but I'll try to help you.

Feb-24-2008, 02:17
Thank you, Jean-Paul. I was hoping I could do it directly and easily from the MyOrgan program instead of having to edit the configuration file, but it may turn out that I have to do it the way you suggest.
I should add in view of spotty's post that I have had no problem using the "Listen for Event" function to set up an organ. I regard it as a great help for people like myself who are still not very familiar with MIDI.