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Oct-18-2004, 09:34

I wish to know if you know something about this controller system for pipe organs. I have search the web but have found little about it.

I may need an intro about this.. So , let introduce myself.

I am Javier Delgado, i am in charge of the maintenaince of the electromechanical system of the pipe organ of the National Auditorium, at Mexico city.



We have problems with out actual controls system, so we are looking for alternatives.

I have received information about the Uniflex system, and it looks good on paper, but i need to know how it really works. Have any of you use it?.

The Pipe organ of the auditorum was build by Tambourini in 1957, Originally it was purely an electromechanical system, butin 1998 was replace partially by a custom made computer system.

Currently we have two problems.
1) The Custom made system was never finished.
2) The old reles have lost they silver lining, so they need constant cleaning, even if we clean then before a concert ww can,t guaraty they will not fail... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

I hope you could help my. This is a beatifull instrument but currently it can´t work in a reliable way.

Frederik Magle
Oct-18-2004, 11:28
This is indeed a fascinating project (and a fascinating organ!)
I also did a google search and I can see that there is sadly only little information:
The Uniflex Relay Systems Home Page: http://www.uniflex.com and
a page, mentioning the system: http://www.theatreorgans.com/BARTON/

I din't find any contact information on the Uniflex home page (!) but if you go to this page (http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois) and enter the domain name (uniflex.com) you will get the contact name and address, which is public information.

Anyhow, please do keep us posted on the progress on your work on this mighty instrument. And if you ever feel like writing an indepht article about it, I would be happy to publish it on this site.

Oct-18-2004, 23:01
Thank for the Links.

I am planing to visit the people of Uniflex next month, and i am looking for actual users.

By the Chicago Stadium Barton looks, it seems is what we need. I will try to contact them to see how it worked for them.

If you find interesting i will try to write about the OMAN (Organo Monumental del Auditorio Nacional) Ihas a very interesting story. But someone will have to take car of my english...

This is a link about another job we had. http://www.paralax.com.mx/05_organo.html

Personally, i like more the sound of this organ, it has more
tonal variety, unfortunatelly it´s rarelly used for concerts, but the organist there has given to me, some private listenings. Most rewarding.