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Frederik Magle
Dec-11-2003, 13:36
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Please explain your choice. Let me start by saying that I'm fully aware that both Windows and Linux operating systems have many strenghts and qualities but I still prefere Mac OS X (10.3) as my main system. First and foremost for music (audio/midi) applications of course, but also for everything else I do with my computer (mail, internet, webdesign, word, graphics, even the occasional game etc.)

So, what's your choice and why?

Frederik Magle
Dec-12-2003, 21:03
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Dec-13-2003, 15:14
I'm not saying macs sucks or anything but PCs can do anything a mac can today and much cheaper

Dec-13-2003, 16:45
that's a lie

Dec-16-2003, 00:44
well... I myself am a PC - Windows/Dos guy... - haven't tried macs that much - nor Linux - or Lindows as the newest version of the Linux based operatingsystem is called... So far I haven't been very interested in changing... mainly because all the requirements I have are met fully with what I use at the moment.

Isn't a mac still as expensive ever? or have the prices become more "human" over the years?

Frederik Magle
Dec-16-2003, 01:02
I see your point, Corno: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..."

Macs are generally a little more expensive than comparable Windows PCs, but only a little and not always... Take f.ex. the new dual processor 64bit "Power Mac G5", it's actually very competitive compared to high-end intel or AMD based machines (running Windows or Linux). I myself am currently running a "PowerBook" mac laptop which was also comparable in price to similar equipped PCs when I bought it (8 months ago).

speaking of the "Power Mac G5": a few months ago it was chosen for the construction of the 3rd fastest super-computer in the world at a significantly lower price than was possible with intel or AMD processors. (The supercomputer is running Mac OS X version 10.3, the same operating system I use on my laptop)
Link to the top500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers (http://www.top500.org)

Dec-16-2003, 01:24
well... sometime one can dream about a bigger and better machine... but actually... for the time being I've got what I need... though another more hiss-free line-in in my sound card would not at all be a bad thing... but hey... I'm not making any pro-topselling-recordings here - yet... so... - it's only moderately annoying at times... ;-)

I mainly use my computer here for working with Finale and Sibelius - e-mail - wordprocessing - the internet - and the occational game (which happens more infrequent than ever before)... - what I seem to be lacking most of the time is continuously more hard disc space... but hey... those small "bastards" are getting cheaper and cheaper for every day now... I can remember not sooo many years ago buying a Maxtor 512 mb harddrive for 2.000 kr... hehe... those were the days I'll tell ya...

At the moment my computer consists of a 2,2 ghz pentium 4 processor with 1 gb of memory (more than enough for me) and a good 21" Sony screen + my roland SC-8850 sound module and a midi-piano - roland too... besides that, a scanner and printer (a big "son of a gun" HP - Laserjet 5100dtn - A3 printer with a duplex-unit for printing on both sides - a real treat when printing music - but it takes up a lot of room) - and with about 350 gb of harddisc space one shold think that I would have capacity enough for just a "little while" longer... well... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif heh...

my laptop is one of the new HP pavillions 4453 I think it was called... - it's not lightning fast... but it does the job for me https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

the other day I went by Musikhuset Aage and I saw some macs lined up... they are quite fancy - design wise... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif - maybe I should try one some time https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

Dec-18-2003, 00:38
Well.... I think it depends on what you are using your computer for. I am a user of both mac and pc, and each of them has some different advantages.

When I'm working with video editing or photo manips it's, the I will always prefer to use a mac because the system is more stabile and so is the components in the computer.

PC is good for programming and gaming. Usually when we've been doing some scripting of some sort, it's hard to get a feel of how it will generally function on the net if you're using a mac.

So... the objective analysis... IT DEPENDS

Dec-20-2003, 21:56
I use a PC MOST of the Time....But The Mac,well mmmm is certainly starting to offer more...I am also getting a Bit "Long in the Tooth" and Windows 98/2000 is where I am staying..I have had too many Probs with XP.with Current Music Set Up.Also I think a Person gets Comfortable with a Particular Program....and If it Works for YOU then Why Change.?????? HOWEVER.....I will go along with "Priest"...It DEPENDS what You are using it for...Certainly...Editing Vids is "Easier/not Simpler" using a Mac. Lets see what a Few More have to Say.....Pamadu/Paul.

Frederik Magle
Dec-28-2003, 15:12
It seems that the poll was broken when I upgraded to the new version of the forum, so unfortunately I have to remove it. (btw, remember that you can make your own polls when making new posts!)