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Mar-31-2008, 21:44
Is it reasonable to say that if you have a sample set of wav files for any instrument - (1 .wav file per note) as long as you understand the myorgan file format (.organ) you can make it 'work'.

In other words, you could take a sample set that is intendet for Hauptwerk 2.5 and as long as you wrote a proper .organ file.


Apr-01-2008, 22:35
MyOrgan only claims to be compatible with Hauptwerk V.1 samples. With samples intended for later versions, it is possible that additional release samples have been supplied, particularly where they are "wet" samples, and these may need to be removed before MyOrgan can handle them. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that this is the case. There may be other issues as well, but I simply do not know.
I have read that Hauptwerk V.1 did not handle staccato sounds very well, if the samples were very "wet". I can tell you that MyOrgan has no problem with the Stiehr-Mockers samples or the Ott Orgel when notes are played staccato, but these are "dry" samples. I assume that Hauptwerk V.1 would also handle these sample sets quite well.


Apr-03-2008, 16:34
I am also an user of MyOrgan, great software !
ABout Hauptwerk, version 2 and later : sample sets are 32 bits and seems to be encrypted, so it is impossible to recover any free sounds from it to use with MyOrgan.

Editing MyOrgan is very easy, especially if you understand English very well, ther are very good documentation about ODF on Krumhorn site.

Personnaly, I have now, about 60 samples sets. Some of them come from free sample sets. Others have been designed by myself from the arpegio demo of Wikipedia. I have also extended some samples set to the bass or to the hi notes so as to have at least 48 keys in each stop, I have balanced the volume, cut the reverb, deleted noises and so on. It took me several monthes.

Now all my samples sets are in the same folder "PIPES". So they can be shared between all my ODF. The are all numbered and renamed : 000 to 099 for pedal, 100 to 199 for Great...200-299 for swell.

some exemples :

110_Bourdon 16 120_Bourdon 8 120_Gedackt 8
121_Flute cheminee 8 122_Principal 8 123_Montre 8
125_Salicional 8 128_Trompette 8 131_Flute 4
131_Koppelfloete 4 131_Rohrfloete 4 132_Octave 4
138_Clairon 4 141_Flute 2 142_Doublette 2
142_Principal 2 160_Quinte 113 160_Quinte 223
170_Tierce 135 180_Mixture II 181_Mixture IV
181_Fourniture 190_Cornet V

I have also written a software for PC to write quickly and easily new ODF (max 3 manuals). This software could be freeware, but it only works with samples sets organized and numbered lik mine. There is no usuer manual nor help file.
It is not finalised (no divisionals or generals), but it runs very well.
So I have got now many very beatifull organs for no money but a lot of sweat.

If I can help you, tell me.

Apr-04-2008, 17:21
I think I understand now. I was curious what the big difference was in Hauptwerk 2.
I have since discovered that:
a) there is other sample software out there that will play wav files - like Halion.
b) there are commercially available sample sets in wav file format available.

So, the bottom line is that there is a lot of freedom in regards to myorgan, wav files, and Halion or Kontact. There is no need to be 'locked' into Hauptwerk.

Apr-04-2008, 19:41

I do not know Halion. I'll look for informations. Thank you for having told me that

Apr-05-2008, 03:25
Here is a link to the inexpensive 'player' version.
Notice the comments about importing wav files and key mapping.

This is the full version

Apr-05-2008, 17:11
It is a nice product, but very different from a virtual organ. i prefre MyOrgan to play reallistic organ works.

Apr-06-2008, 22:00
It is a nice product, but very different from a virtual organ. i prefre MyOrgan to play reallistic organ works.
Sure, no problem.
I'm lately more of a harpsichord fan.
I just like to know there are lots of products out there to use. ;)