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Apr-06-2008, 16:33
Hello guys,

I've recently discovered this song that I liked since the very first listening. You can find a sample here (http://www.last.fm/music/Bill+Conti/_/Cocktails?setlang=en) . And I thought I won't play it on piano because I don't have a double-bass player. So, my second thought was to play it on organ. What do you think about that?:) Any stop combinations?;)


P.S Shoot, I forgot that there is Electronic/Digital Organ sub-forum. And this thread would suit better there as I don't have an access to real pipe organ. So please, one of the moderators, to move it there. Thanks.

Apr-06-2008, 23:43
Can't listen to it because the site that hosts it is banned by my employer's net nanny, when you say "song" do you mean it's a work with voice? Or are you just incorrectly using the term to mean piece?

Apr-07-2008, 14:45
I'm just incorrectly using the term to mean piece.