View Full Version : Adding Reverb to myorgan?

Apr-10-2008, 14:38
If I'm running myorgan and a want to add a bit to (for example) the free blanchette harpsichord from Dulphr.fr, what are moy options?

Apr-12-2008, 09:44
You can add reverb in different ways :
1) Playing in real time :
- the easiest : you can use the reverb of your soundcard, most of computers soundcards have such audio effect.
- no so easy : you can take an external reverb (with an external power amplifier and loudspeakers)
2) in playback mode :
- open your audio file with Audacity, add reverb effect and save again.

Apr-12-2008, 14:17
Thanks for the info.
My soundcard is and external E-MU 404 audio interface. (No reverb effect)

Probably I would have to modify all the wav files by adding a reverb.
yuck! 180 wav files for the Blanchette alone!

Apr-13-2008, 08:32
You can do it by "batch processing" it is much faster.

But other idea :
Yesterday I have tryed a free software reverb : SIR version 1011. It is a VST device so you need to install first a VST host (most of them are free), the to place the SIR-1011.dll in the same folder.
Then, for me it is not easy to explain, because I do not know enough SIR and English is not my native language. Here is what I have done :
- I have set the audio input device of SIR to match myOrgan audio out.
- I have set the audio output to "no wave". If I set the output to something else, I can hear the reverb, but also the direct signal coming earlier. Very ugly. With "no wave" I hear no reverb, but I can record myorgan with the reverb sound. Very nice.
- I have loaded a free impulse into SIR : "Chicago church" coming from "Noisevault Studio ".
- Then I press the "record" button of SIR and play the music with myorgan. I hear myorgan but without reverb. When the play is completed, I stop recording and save the recorded wave. This wave file is the very nice music of myorgan with the reverb effect.

If you prefer hearing the organ and the reverb when recording, do not set output to no wave, set the dry level very low and the wet level under -12 dB. Butin I am very satisfied, what you hear is not what you record. Make some test and inform me of your results please.
I hope this will help you.