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Apr-16-2008, 13:19
Hello !
I'd like to have some comments on a composition I finnished recently.
For information I've been using "east west ra" for all the ethnic part and also "stormdrum" for the percussions...the piano is a Steinway B
Concerning the mix, there's no spatialisation and it may suffer from a very bad EQ but I don't have any monitoring system yet to fix this, so it will be done later


you can listen to it here : www.myspace.com/dirtyjeanss

music number 3 "sans titre"

Apr-16-2008, 15:29
I love Asian music. I listen to songs like Samori Ghost by Skaven and
the theme song to Kung Fu.
judy tooley

Apr-16-2008, 21:29
Hey thanks for answearing
I don't think I've heard about the musicians you're talking but I'll take a look on internet later ;)
Did you listen to my music? Did you enjoy it?