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Apr-18-2008, 04:56
Hey all,

I'm new and would like to see what you all think of my music. I mainly do rock / metal covers and originals.

The link below is for my latest original song titled "Premonition", which is featured in the game Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection on PS2, PSP and Wii.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_aet5IZEao (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_aet5IZEao)

More Videos:
http://www.youtube.com/user/vertexguy (http://www.youtube.com/user/vertexguy)

My website:
http://www.vertexguy.com (http://www.vertexguy.com)

Enjoy! :p

Apr-18-2008, 22:31
I loved it. I also play the guitar. Have you read one of the threads that
I have started?
judy tooley

Apr-25-2008, 21:32
vertexguy :) - Wow!! You do know how to handle an electric rock guitar, great rock rhytm man. Did you make the video yourself?

I went to your short biography as well. So let my congratulate you at the same time from one father to the next of your son born on February 7th, 2006.

Apr-26-2008, 16:25
intet: Hey Thanks man. He's a great addition to my life. :)

Aug-02-2008, 14:00
Hi we are two guys who make up DOOMTRAIN we are self produced and are just preparing our first album, you can hear the max number of songs we are allowed to post on this link below constuctive comments welcome

www.MySpace.com/fiftieschild25 (http://www.MySpace.com/fiftieschild25)

Aug-02-2008, 19:53
Very nice ;)

Ray Anderson
Dec-07-2008, 11:53
Hi My name is Ray Anderson. I'm 49 years old. I have been recording,writing, and composing music and melodies for 30 years. I am particularly seasoned in the melody department. I have many lyricless compositions. I would like to know if anyone getting into the media business is interested in using any of my music for school or advertising purposes. Some are great for soundtracks or movie soundtracks. Let me know! My e-mail is eyeamray@yahoo.com
here is some of my work:!!!!

Wilson DHC
Jun-19-2009, 13:11
Great piece of music! A little like Queensryche at the start. Nice note selection in the solo too. Liked the use of harmonic minor. Check out my bands vid on youtube. Dead heroes club "stranger in the looking glass". More prog bassed but i think you'll like it.