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Daniel Arévalo
Nov-04-2004, 15:49
Looking for some Live electronica.Kind of the cinematic orchestra but with more house influence...Anybody knows anything??

Nov-05-2004, 10:41
have you checked Gotan Project.. ?
Personally some of my favorites. Their rythms are inspired by latin, classic and house. Gives a wonderful combination.

Also I can recommend you the danish group Efterklang with their new album Tripper. I wouldn't call it house, but it is definately worth checking out. They just released their album, 2½ week ago. Very good.

I'll think of, if any stuff jumps to my mind.. never know...

The Sky Tunnel Entrance On The Hilltop
Nov-07-2004, 02:45
GrayArea is pretty cool, I saw them a while back, very energetic and enthusiastic about theyre music, nice guys too. I dont know if you'll be able to find anything from them. :-/

Daniel Arévalo
Nov-08-2004, 20:53
Thanks! reason for asking is that I trying to get together some kind of constellation that incorporates house loops in a live setting... If anything else comes to mind please let me know.Pretty much all I know about this type of music is from checking out ninja tunes web site with their bands so any suggestions as far as other websites concern is as important as well as other electronica bands..Thanks again!! D

Nov-09-2004, 03:29
ninja tunes rock..

have you considered to check some of the internet radio stations out for good inspiration?



this might hold some goodies..

Nov-09-2004, 03:30
oh yeah.. there's a danish guy.. going under the name Bjørn Svin.. check out some of his stuff.. especially a track he made once called "Mer' Strøm"

Nov-11-2004, 22:40
There is a Toronto, Canada band called The New Deal. They just released a new album. This might be of interest.

http://www.sound-and-light.com/ <font color="red"> </font>

Feb-29-2008, 19:32
Thanks i defintlty have to listen to this

Mar-25-2008, 04:05
Get on the web and look up animusic. Their videos and
music is really cool.
judy tooley

dead wasps
Aug-17-2009, 12:38
I'm in a live electronica band, some of our tracks have grand orchestral passages especially precious time and some of our slower stuff. You can check us out on myspace, we're called Dead Wasps.

Jan-13-2010, 13:57
I really recommend the Gotan Project as above, but not sure if they're stricly Electronica... We've got a large selection of Electronica of all kinds on Radio Tuna (http://radiotuna.com). It's quite addictive :-)

Nov-08-2010, 22:47
have you checked Gotan Project.. ?
Personally some of my favorites.

They are amazing!