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May-26-2008, 18:50
Hi I am new to this forum and hoping to get some feedback to help me! I have applied to study a music degree and for this course I am not required to be a Grade 8 so its fairly flexible. The problem I am having is trying to decide which instrument to concentrate on. The only instrument I have grades on already is the violin and I have Grade 4 on that but I haven't played it in years....I am self taught on the guitar and piano. I dont' know if it is better to try and pick up the violin again or start from the bottom with the other two instruments Grade wise....any thoughts? Thanks!:)

May-28-2008, 00:07
Welcome to the forum first. Which is your favorite instrument of all?
That should narrow down you decision some.
judy tooley

May-28-2008, 03:51
Hi princessleia29,

Welcome to MIMF, btw - glad to have you as a new member here.

I would lean towards the piano - seems to have lots more versatility after schooling than perhaps the violin, although some famous artists have pursued the violin and have been quite successful with their careers. With the piano you can go into several styles at the same time (popular, classical, etc) or could concentrate on being another fine accompanist. A good amount of my formal training was as an accompanist, something that I never regretted.

Since you haven't played the violin for so many years, I would tend to think that the effort to bring you back up to speed with that will be equal with learning (formally) to play the piano.

May-31-2008, 20:41
Since you are pursuing a degree in music, I assume that music would be you career too in future? Well, I personally feel that the violin is very versatile, due to the many things you can do playing it. There are orchestras you can join, or u can form your own quartet, play in a rock band, or teach. Many opportunnities out there.... Oh well, I could be biased since I'm a full time music student majoring in violin, but hope it helps. =D

Jun-05-2008, 23:08
Banjo!!! point blank period.


Corno Dolce
Jun-06-2008, 02:47
Hi princessleia29,

Since you already have a foundation in Violin I would think that it would be a wise investment of time, sweat, and tears to continue with it. You could always minor in guitar or piano.


Corno Dolce :tiphat::tiphat::tiphat::tiphat:

Nov-17-2008, 10:45
I would have chosen an ukulele.

Dec-28-2008, 16:53
hi to everyone Im playing drums and thats my best I have a amatour band I really enjoy to play drums for hours