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May-29-2008, 05:42
I just bought a set of noise reduction headphones (Panasonic) but I'm not brand loyal to them. I must say, they are just wonderful. The came with a tiny battery (the electrical charge from said is used in the noise reduction "thingy-mu-jig"). I now have my iPod on, and have it down to a very low volume and it's bliss. There is a problem, when someone comes up to me at my desk I jump out of my skin when they tap me on the shoulder!

May-29-2008, 08:01
lols, thats why I dont like wearing headphones at work, even the regular ones. I hear bose has really good products, but they are also very very expensive...

May-29-2008, 10:03
I use that kind of headphones, too (but not Panasaonic). And to tell you the truth, I'm satisfied. This whole noise-isolation system really reduces ambient sounds. And this deep bass they produce.... Man, it makes you wanna use them all the time;).

P.S CT, don't listen to the music too loud. I'm sure you're aware of the Tinitus problem

May-29-2008, 18:14
I have always loved the sound of Koss headphones ... using the Pro 4A series for nearly 40 years. I also have great respect for my hearing and always careful with volume levels. With the Koss h-phones, I can still "feel" the bass at low volume levels.

Btw, I've moved this thread into the Science & Technology Forum as it's subject matter fits there better.

May-29-2008, 23:46
Mat - I reported on Tinitus here before now, am painfully aware of it. I have it, but not badly. I blame it on my life as a viola player, where my head was in the line of fire of the trombone section of an orchestra.

Was speaking about this last night to a violinist friend of mine and she plays second violin in orchestras, her issue is the piccolo.

May-30-2008, 00:25
Sorry to hear that. It looks like there are also disadvantages of playing in an orchestra. Indeed, piccolo's sound is not something I would like to deal with constantly. Fortunately, when I played the oboe I didn't have to listen to piccolo and trombones were far away from me.

May-30-2008, 00:37

Something I do not recomend, my husband had tinitus but, one day he fell down the stairs. Hey presto the tinitus was gone.

But no throwing yourself down the stairs please.


May-30-2008, 01:14
Margaret how interesting!!

May-30-2008, 06:45
. . . my husband had tinitus but, one day he fell down the stairs. Hey presto the tinitus was gone.

Curious about what the medical profession had to say about that particular "cure"?

May-30-2008, 06:58
I can just imagine a meeting of Chapter of Surgeons: "Ah, ladies and gentlemen, at last we have a cure for the vexing malady tinitus. After much scienctific research and countless head removals, ear removals we find that pushing the patient down a flight of stairs has worked in one case in one. Regrettably we think it's likely that the side effects, though unprooved, could be bad."

May-30-2008, 07:15
lols at CT ;)

May-30-2008, 17:29
Very Funny CT

The experts could come up with no plausable reason for it.

The best they could say was, well you must have knocked something in the ear. Very technical, all we know is that it worked.

Throwing yourselves down the stairs does not come on prescription, it was accidental.

So don't try this at home children.


May-30-2008, 22:47
Weird things like that happen that are beyond explanation sometimes. A few years ago my eyesight started getting worse, to the point where I needed glasses to be able to see far.
Then, one day I woke up with a perfect vision....(????) It went back to wacky after a few days, but nevertheless - it was very weird - I have noo idea what could have caused this short change in the way my eye reacts to lights (:cool: I did drink a lot the night before, lols, maybe that was the reason :eek::grin::D)

Jun-01-2008, 23:56
Margaret - yes, it could have been a purely mechanical response. Also, he may very well have nocked out a certain part of the brain that causes the "noise" to be noticed, who can tell, very odd indeed.

Jul-16-2008, 14:06
As a sufferer of tinitus, I wonder if a few rounds in a boxing ring would have the same effects as the flight of stairs.
Being a piano tuner takes its toll on my ears and professionals in my trade complain about the long term effects of hearing loss from pounding in notes on the piano. Recently a product has come into use by us that allows us to hear everything we need to hear clearly, yet lowering the overall amplitude evenly so there are no uneven losses in any particular frequency range. They do look a little dorky sticking out of your ears but its a small price to pay to keep your hearing intact. Here is a link to the plugs and I'm in no way affiliated with the company or product.


Jul-16-2008, 16:31
Hi Emmery,

Thanks for that link ... As an usher for a local university performance hall we are subjected to some extremely high level "noise" (some call it music :lol:) at some venues. I've tried other ear plugs, but they are not very affective - mind you, better than nothing, but these ER 20's look like they are worth the try. I rather like their appearance - almost space-age like.