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Jun-08-2008, 17:26
Soon a good new for MyOrgan /Hauptwerk-1 organ lovers.

I am writting a program to build very quickly and easily the ODF or your new organs.
the program is not completed, many small bugs remain, but we can use it if we are able to edit the ODF and correct these errors. Mainly, the errors are about the position of the stops, couplers, generals and divisionnal. It is not easy to compute their position.
As soon the program is ready, I'll release it as a freeware. first it will be in french language, then i'll make an English version.

Here is a screenshot of the program. in fact there are many other windows.
The 2 lists you can see are for checking up and editing the ODF before saving it as an *.organ file. There are also many other editable lists. It is a very big softawre, it is the reason why it is not completed yet and have buggs.

Jun-09-2008, 02:04
Wow - Impressive ...

This represents lots of work effort on your part, J-Paul ... I'm sure the users of MyOrgan and Hauptwerk will really appreciate this software program.

Jun-15-2008, 14:18
Hello Jean-Paul, Further to my contributions in other threads, you are indeed an expert in this field. I look forward to some assistance from you in the near future, to set up a virtual pipe organ on my computer.;)

Kind Regards, Raymond

Jun-15-2008, 15:38
Hello raymond

Ok to help you,
you can send me a PM in french if you prefer

Jun-21-2008, 18:08

The software progress, but I have been loosing a lot of time to rewrite it in 32 bits. In 16 bit there was too much problems as :
- impossible to reach sound samples if the path or the name was too long (ie: C:/documents and settings/......./myorgan/pipes/flute à cheminée 8'/01-c1.wave)
- impossible to give an ODF a file name with "organ" as extension (only 3 chars allowed).

Jun-24-2008, 14:47
slightly off topic but...I notice Myorgan hasn't had any updates since 2006.
Is it a 'dead' product? Is the source code available? Does it work under Vista?

I'd hate to see it disappear as I have come to depend on it.
A VST plugin version would be awesome too.

Jun-24-2008, 15:18
even if there is no developpment for Myorgan since 2006, the product can live many years more because there is an active community. For instance read http://leblogdemusicreprints.blogspirit.com/ if you can understand French.
I am not ready to give up with myorgan, at the contrary, I am writting a software to create easily a lot of ODF.

Jun-24-2008, 15:29
I love it too :)

What a great piece of software.

Jun-28-2008, 12:12
The software is in progress.
I have changed my former program langague (16 bits) for a 32 bits language.
English translation has started, and programming is going on.

Jul-03-2008, 18:58
A new picture to show you that the software is progressing.

Jul-03-2008, 20:36
Now that I just downloaded it I can't get the program to work.
judy tooley

Jul-03-2008, 22:41
Hi Judy

how can you have downloaded the software and run it, it is not completed and I have not put it online. And, without the user's manual (not written yet) it will be quite imposible to use it. May be you have downloaded an old version in my temp folder ? :confused:

Jul-16-2008, 08:19
Hi Spotty and all,

The Source for MyOrgan is located at https://sourceforge.net/projects/myorgan. There was a little development at the end of last year with some discussion of getting MyOrgan to compile in Linux, but nothing has materialized yet. Why don't we all visit the 'Tracker' section of the sourceforge repository and ask Kirk for VST? And tell him what a wonderful program this is :-)


Jul-16-2008, 20:31
Hi Jean-Paul,

I am anxiously awaiting the completion of your software. I can't wait to take it for a test drive.