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Jun-10-2008, 21:29
The idea of the Primordial Tradition evolved out of the concept known as philosophia perennis, or perennial philosophy, which in itself is a development from the prisca theologia of the Middle Ages. Both the idea of the Primordial Tradition and the philosophia perennis attempt to establish common factors amongst different traditions, with the goal of producing a superior gnosis or level of wisdom than that which would have been obtained by the study of a single religion. This is remarkably similar to the mode of study used in comparative mythology and the study of the history of religions. In this sense, the term Primordial Tradition is utilized to describe a system of spiritual thought and metaphysical truths that overarches all the other religions and esoteric traditions of humanity.

The idea of the Primordial Tradition was well received by both practitioners and the academic community, and its development was actively endorsed by the International Conference of Religions in Chicago, 1893. Outside of the academic community, the idea of the Primordial Tradition received an even better reception, and was advocated by the Traditionalist school – notably Rene Guénon, Julius Evola, and Alain Daniélou. Other figures/works of note to the Primordial Tradition are: Mircea Eliade, Ananda Coomaraswamy, Carl Kerenyi, Georges Dumezil, Heinrich Zimmer, Gottfried Leibniz, Aldous Huxley, Frithjof Schuon, Plato, Ananda Coomaraswamy - also the Vedas, Sagas, Greek and Roman Epics, mythology, folklore, and the manifestations of the ideas of traditions in the works of such authors as Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Jung. As such it portrays an underlying universal principle in the application of religion and holds that there are common precepts that exist in the substrata of all religions. These universal truths are then reshaped by cultural and historical events to take their own distinct life and vitality. The term perennial philosophy has also been employed as a translation of the Hindu concept of Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Tradition.

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I've been interested in this form of philosophy for some time, and I see it as having a parallel to classical music: when you give up on the modern trends and look toward what is eternal.

Jun-10-2008, 23:45
Hey Con, have you studied the Mayan calender or read about it?
This is similar to what you are talking about. I have some of the
inscriptions in my book and I will quote it for you.

The Mayan Calender

There is a river flowing very fast, it is so swift that there are those,
who will be afraid, they will try to hold on to the shore and they will
feel like they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Who are you? You are vibrant, living dancing hologram of light. Not just
the light which your eyes detect. (That is also a part of you) but the
light vibration of all the presently known and measurable electromagnetic
spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams
of infrared waves flow between your bodies.

The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within
the molecular and celluar structures which you call a body. The celluar
chemical messengers circulate and form;dissipate to reform anew the
delicate holographic instructions, God put that in us when he created
the first man.

The Mayan Calender--Welcome to 2012. Recognize the Power in you.

Our ancient knowledge, the Holy Bible,Vedic,Mayan and specially the
the Bible's prophets,Jesus,and all of the deciples tell us that Universal
consciousness and universal intelligence(God) created this big Cosmos.

In short, people are waking up from what many knew thousands of
years ago. The Gregorian Calender is based on linear patterns that
are an inaccurate representation of nature's time, and natural rhythms
of the body which is also infinite, like nature and creation. It has to
be re-adjusted every year.

Science doesn't give you all the answers. Science is a tool for our
consciousness to find our inner truth. In a motion of infinite possibilities,
science is a fraction.

We are now passing the forth dimension which is time. Time can be
tough now days. Imagine a place without time and come to it.
Heaven is like that. Heaven is the eternal day without time. No wars,
no sickness, no sorrow, and no more disease or suffering.

Having a different opinion doesn'tmean it's not true. In the end
everybody will now the truth and path. So in the, creation can't
be discussed about. You are creation and like different opinions
it is difinite. Your soul and spirit.

The Mayan Calender

judy tooley