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Jun-25-2008, 00:30
Well, I just received my CD of the complete sonatas of Haydn and Scarlatti. Prompted by Todd's excellent reviews of some Scarlatti and subsequent discussions about their (Scarlatti) transportability to the pipe organ.

The CD is really very well done, each and every work is cross referenced and easily to access by a click (which launches a PDF of the sonata in question.

Also received the Complete Piano works of Chopin (including two concerti, and some other works for piano and orchestra. Again, completely cross referenced.

In my opinion, a bargain at less than $50 for both.

Jun-25-2008, 13:56

They sound lovely, definately a bargain.


Corno Dolce
Jun-25-2008, 19:01
Here's Scarlatti played on the organ:


Jun-25-2008, 23:37
I'd hate to think what the wonderful Gillou (sp?) would do with Scarlatti, his registrations are often quite contrasting (his transcription of the Goldberg Variations for organ is highly amusing in places).

Corno Dolce
Jun-26-2008, 00:30
Hi CT64,

Maestro Guillou's *Colourful* interpretations leave no stone unturned nor sensibility unoffended - Seriously, he turns upside-down all previous thinking about registration and interpretation. FWIW, I happen to like his *Goldberg Variations* very much and I personally enjoy playing them, the *well-tempered* and all other JSBach *Klavier* pieces on organ. Harpsichord doesn't interest me anymore for Bach and other Baroque composers - Its the Lautenwerk which is gut strung that rocks my cradle - Here's a website about the Lautenwerk:


Listen to the sound samples - With a Lautenwerk you can vary the dynamics by how softly or firmly you press the keys.


CD :):):):):):):)

Jun-26-2008, 05:48
Sweet Corn - wasn't meant as a criticism to you and Gillou's Goldberg ... I adore them, too.

Corno Dolce
Jun-26-2008, 08:02
Hey CT64,

I didn't detect any critique and if there was it was probably for my benefit.

Guillou's style has grown on me. My organ pedagogues cautioned me time and again not to go near Guillou's style of playing and registering - I still don't understand their alarmism but hey, thats their can of beans :D:D:D


CD :):):):):):):)