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Sylvie Pacey
Jul-04-2008, 18:06
I am interested in using my P.C to record direct from my keyboard in order to make C.D Has anyone any helpful comments or advice.:confused:Sylvie Pacey

Jul-04-2008, 18:20
The first thing you will need is either a microphone or some way to
connect between the keyboard and computer. I hope that helps some.
judy tooley

Jul-04-2008, 18:45
Hello Sylvie,

If your keyboard is MIDI compatible, then you will need to connect your keyboard to your sound card using MIDI cables. You will need 2 cables. The MIDI out of your keyboard goes to the MIDI in on your sound card. The MIDI in of your keyboard will go to the MIDI out of your sound card. If your sound card does not have MIDI in/out, you can get cables that are MIDI in/out on one end and USB on the other to attach to your computer.

If your keyboard does not have MIDI in/out, then connect a cable from the headphones jack to your line in on your sound card. You might need to get an adapter for your headphone jack, i.e. 1/8" to 1/4", but they are readily available at electronic stores or music stores. You also need the cable to connect the keyboard to the computer. The cables and adapters are very inexpensive.

There are many software packages available to record via "line in" on your sound card, depending upon what you wish to do with your recordings, such as will you be editing the files, or merely listening to them?

You may PM me if you would like detailed info.


Sylvie Pacey
Jul-06-2008, 12:04
Thank Stephen, information very useful. I want to make a C.D which I shall sell for our local charity, Somerset Assn. For The Blind. The first one I made was recorded using a mini portable disk recorder and the quality was fine, but editing and burning was a lengthy process. The second one was recorded direct in a music studio and was very good, but fairly expensive, so thought P.C recording might be an option. Your comments would be appreciated. Like you I am retired, so fortunately have time to spend on this project.I am arranger and accompanist for a small group of singers and we entertain Over 50's clubs and nursing and residential homes. Its a really lovely way to spend our time and we only charge expenses (Wish we were rich enough to do it for free)
Perhaps you could mention some software which might help, I have all the midi functions on my keyboard.Thanks again, Sylvie

Sylvie Pacey
Jul-06-2008, 20:30
Hi Judy, thanks but yes I do have the required Microphone. Sylvie

Jul-06-2008, 22:23
Hi Again, Sylvie,

You didn't mention if your keyboard has MIDI in/out ports or not. If not and you will be using a cable from the speaker or headphones jack connected to your line in on your computer, a very simple program (free) would be sound editor deluxe.

Post if you have the MIDI in/out capabilities or not.


Sylvie Pacey
Jul-06-2008, 23:09
Hi Stephen, yes I have a Casio CTK 731 with midi capability , microphone and midi cables. Sylvie

Jul-07-2008, 02:31
Hi Again Sylvie,
It sounds like you are in the same boat as I am in. I have a Casio keyboard and have it connected to the pc with MIDI cables. I also have several different programs, i.e. Steinberg Cubase, Sonar Cakewalk, etc. What you need is a MIDI sequencer (try looking here http://download.com (http://download.com/) and then type in midi sequencer and search the site for the various programs. I don't know if you want a cheap, free or demo software that you can try and then if you like it, puchase an upgraded version. I suggest the try before you buy option to see what you like best.

I have sent you a PM.


Sylvie Pacey
Jul-07-2008, 13:32
Many thanks Stephen, got your message. Most helpful. I have sent you a P.M Sylvie

Sylvie Pacey
Jul-08-2008, 10:23
Hi Stephen, after thinking hard (Burning midnight oil) I am wondering if I could record and edit on my mini disc recorder and then play, using mike to burn C.D on computer after downloading to library. Do you think this is an option ? Sylvie

Jul-08-2008, 22:28

I don't see why this would be a problem. Remember, there are more ways to skin a cat...
(please don't skin a cat!). It just depends on what you feel most comfortable with. If your mini-disk can record and is editable, then sure, just do your recording there and then connect it to your "line in" on the pc and record it. You can download a program called Magic Disk (lite, free version...just google) and mount your recording to a "virtual drive" and then burn to your CD burner from that. I use virtual drives a lot. They are actually a lot faster than physical drives.


Jul-20-2008, 18:04

Hi Sylvie,

I hope you are well and enjoying the forums. I believe I have found the perfect solution for your "project." It is all perfectly free. The link above is to the virtual organ console called Miditzer. There are forums for all kinds of questions. The main site has flash presentations that explain how to use the program. The demo version is fully working, but to get a license for full use forever, I think it costs $59USD (or cheaper).

The real thing you are looking for is a freeware program called Audacity. This is how you can record from your keyboard. It is available here:http://audacitydownload.com/. This is just one of many sites where you can get the programme and info on downloading, using, etc. Another location is here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/.

I believe that this will allow you to accomplish recording from you keyboard to your computer. You may even add audio (singing) if you wish.

If you use it in conjunction with Miditzer, you can expand your keyboard into a virtual concert or theatre organ.

Give 'em a check and let us know what you think.

Best of luck and have fun!


Sylvie Pacey
Jul-28-2008, 22:44
Hi Stephen, Many thanks for latest info. Sounds like what I was looking for. I have a two manual electronic organ which I use for practising Hymns etc. But I use the Casio when out entertaining, it is fairly light and not too large. Will let you know how things progress. I sure will have fun anyway. Sylvie

Jul-30-2008, 00:43
I'm glad the information was helpful, Sylvie. You are right, in any event you will entertain yourself while playing about with the Miditzer programme. You may also enjoy the VirtualPiano series. There is a Bosendorfer, Yamaha, Steinway and Erhard Upright. You can download them at: http://www.absolutepianos.com/

Download the "demo" versions. They are working copies. The only catch is that every so often you will hear a slight "ping" in the background, but not enough to dissuade you from experiencing the piano nor having a good time. If you like the programme then the license is $49 USD. I have all four installed on my pc. (I have to go out and get a terrabyte external hard drive as my 200 gig is almost full with everything that I have been downloading. But even they are only about $160 USD.

Look forward to hearing more from you.