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Hawk Henries
Jul-07-2008, 16:04
After a trip to England and some work with the London Mozart Players I have been trying to make music with a classical feel...

I have developed 3 pieces of music out of the original piece I composed to play with LMP. Though I do not know the correct terminology/descriptors for the three pieces they, in a very loose sense, fit the fast slow fast format of a concerto though one of them has a menuet feel to it.

My question;

Is their software that would allow me to record while it adjusted the timing so as to make an almost menuet into a menuet?
This is probably not to clear a question.....
I am looking to use this software (if such a thing exist's) as a learning tool.

BTW the instrument I am playing is Native american flute.

Thanks for any help.

Jul-07-2008, 18:23

You may want to go here http://cakewalk.com (http://cakewalk.com/) and download the trial version of sonar. Look through the various programs they offer and download what you think you may like the best. Sonar Studio Home (I believe) is their most basic program. I have the producers software. But you can change timing, etc.

Also, they have tutorials on their site and you can go to YouTube and search for cakewalk and they have over 100 vids and tutorials for using the software.

Hope this is helpful.


Hawk Henries
Jul-07-2008, 18:57
Thank you Stephen. I will take your advice and direction...:)