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Dec-24-2003, 01:44
Idea about party at Frederiks place.

First I think we should make an entry fee, of something like a 100dkr. People have to have tickets to get in. In that way, we can have control with who is coming. Then we use the money for setting up the equipment, transport etc.

What do you think the capacity is for the apartment. 100 - 150??

My idea about the evening is: we use 4-5 rooms as our main focus for the party. Each room shall have it's distinct atmosphere... done of course with different kinds of music, lighting and decoration.

So... think of an idea to a theme for the party. If we do it with 3 main themes we can build the party upon the Divine Comedy by Dante. We could of course also go for giving the impression of something else, but the party have to be genious in it's own way. This shouldn't be a regular party.

Anyway... if we do it something like this, we can make a part of the party, a party zone... and the rest can be a sort of musical experience.

It shouldn't present a problem getting musician, help, equipment(though we might have to rent most of it, but I can get it cheap from a friend of mine).

I also think that we should come up with an idea for a dresscode. It also helps us in not getting in trouble with the hotel management.

Yeah... and lasershow, from the roof down upon Rådhuspladsen... I like that idea Frederik. Decadence. Let's light the way for the masses...

Dec-25-2003, 12:32
WOWWWWWWW Sounds Real Great. However,One Problem with Me. It's a Very Bad Time to Get a Plane & Expensive. A Good "Bash" I can always fit in. LOL. But a Bit Too Late for me "This Xmas". BUT...Next Year,Who Knows.!!!!! Like the Idea...Does Frederik.???????? LOL. Cheers. pamadu/Paul.

Dec-25-2003, 17:22
Well... I'm still waiting for the reply... hehe. But we was talking about it monday evening at a premier party I had, for a movie which I produced.

You're always welcome to drop by Denmark and crash some of our parties. We have them often.

Frederik Magle
Dec-25-2003, 20:14
I like your idea, Michel! However, as I said at the party (well, at least I hope I did https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif), I have to know when I'm leaving the appartment and on what precise conditions I will get the extended lease before I can plan for a party this size... But I hope it will be possible. And I REALLY want to light up the Rådshuspladsen (that's the City Hall Square in English)!

Dec-26-2003, 04:50
You did say it... but it shouldn't be impossible to mobilise a large scale party in short time, if we play our cards right.