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Jul-14-2008, 19:26
Hi All,

I have a Casio WK-1630 connected via MIDI-USB to my laptop. When I use certain programs the lowest 2 octaves will not play, much to my frustration. Examples are: Sonar 7 Producer, Pianoteq. If I use Miditzer, all the notes play. Some programs have a menu choice where you can define the lowest and highest notes, but I just can't figure out how to assign this in the programs I mentioned.

Any ideas? I have checked with various MIDI forums, but they seem to mention everything but the problem I am having and I have already spent about 10 hours searching for a solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have also been playing with myorgan and hauptwerk and the former seems complicated to me...I just can't get it all to come together. I like hauptwerk and may buy a copy but I have the same problem with no lower octaves working.


Jul-14-2008, 23:45
stephen, have you tried gnashing your teeth?

Jul-15-2008, 02:49

Jul-15-2008, 13:43
dear GreatCyber !

I do not know your Casio, but it is possible that the keyboard is splitted. In this case, the 2 parts of the keyboard will use a different Midi channel.
Your midi device used as a Midi receiver (it may be a software or a midi syntheziser) must be able to receive midi messages from several channels at the same time. It is possible with a synth in mode "Omni On". My organ and hautwerk can receive messages on a different channel for each manual or pedalboard.
If i were you, I should use myOrgan or Hautpwerk to detect which midi channel your Casio transmits the lowest octaves notes messages.

Jul-16-2008, 06:48
Thank you, Jean-Paul. I'll check it out. I also have Mido Ox that can help with that. It's just confusing when it only happens in certain programs.

When I use absolute paino Bosendorfer, the latency is horrible. I use Asio4all driver and have the buffer set at max. So, I thing absolute piano is a no go for me until I get a new sound card and might need more SDRAM. I do have 2 Gig of RAM but with all the programs I have downloaded, I might need to retweak everything.

I would prefer to use Hauptwerk, mainly because all (or most) of the work has already been done for you and you can play it "right out of the box."

But I'll definitely give it a look and report back.

Thanks again.


Jul-16-2008, 10:12

2 Gb of RAM is enough for many musical purpose ( I have only 1.2 Gb). You can download as many software are you wish, it only needs memory on your hard disk, not in RAM. RAM is only used by the software you launch (when they are runing), and you never use more than 3 or 4 software at the same time.

ABout the buffers, mainly, the smallest the buffers are, the shortest the latency is.

I use a piano FP8 Roland as a master keyboard. With MyOrgan and the default setup I cannot feel any latency even when I play something very fast.

Jul-16-2008, 19:58
I'll turn down the buffers and see how this works out. I watched a video on youtube last night that is a tutorial for miroslav philharmonic which showed how to set the lowest and highest note values in MIDI, enabling you to split the keyboard. My keyboard also has a split button feature, but then I believe that would be when I am using the "local" settings, not sending MIDI messages from the computer.

Will post about the latency after I try it.

Thanks again.


Jul-17-2008, 17:40
I lowered the buffers on ASIO4ALL to the minimum and that seemed to take care of the latency problem, J-P. Thanks for the advice. There are 3 settings for buffers: the main one, then there are also separate buttons for Input buffers and Output buffers. I turned them all down. Would this be the correct thing that I have done?

Thanks for your input.


Jul-20-2008, 18:17
While reading on the virtual organ site last night I found that by opening my creative audigy programme control panel, the synth volume was turned all the way down. Once I moved it to the max volume, presto, I can now hear my synths. I also finally learned how to access the different soundfonts that I have downloaded.

"Reading is a powerful tool" and also helpful for type A personalities. lol.

Now I can loud the jeux sf2 files, eorg, etc. and make use of the "real" sounds.

It's just too bad that most of the literature is so out of date, but at least it points you in the right direction.