View Full Version : Sonar, Anyone?

Jul-19-2008, 02:53
Does anyone on here use Sonar (any edition)? I have Sonar 7 Producer Edition with loads of plug-ins. I've had Sonar installed since the old Studio (can't remember version) but really never used it until now.

I keep watching the vids on youtube, etc. and checking the forums devoted to it, but when I add a synth, I can get it to play the first sound, then when I try to add a different instrument, no matter which channel it is on, the synth sound doesn't want to play so I can hear it. I see the meter moving, so I know "something" is happening. But I need to hear it in real time in order to manipulate it.

I notice that along the task bar area it says "audio running" when I do the first synth. When I add the second instrument, even though it might still say "audio running" I can't hear it. I keep loading it over and over, but all for naught.

How stupid am I?