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Hawk Henries
Aug-18-2008, 04:19
My daughter and I just returned from a nice concert. It was held at the Pierre Monteux school for conducters which is right down the road from my home. I did not realize until my recent interest in classical music that this gem was here. Sir Neville Mariner, Eric Kunzell, Leon Fleischer are a few pepole who have attended this school.

One of the violinsts was playing a 1713 Stradivarius violin! I do not know much about violins however it was an amazing instrument. It had a rich warm tone full of overtones/harmonics. What a treat to listen...

Obviously Stradivarius was a superb craftsman but I wonder what makes his violins stand out? It was stated that he collected some of the wood for his instruments from old cabins/buildings in the mountains. Some of these buildings were very old therefore the wood was even older. This must contribute some way. The violinist also stated that Stradivarius violoins did not get the voice they are famous for until about 20 years after they were built. Is this typical for violins/string instruments?

Aug-19-2008, 01:14
They are a work of art and worth millions. I only had a 1945 copy and
it sounded beautiful. An old man traded the violin for my auto harp.
Before it reached my hands he picked it up and played the fiddle on it.
I looked at him and said, no no no this violin you see is a work of art
you play something like this on it. I picked it up and played some Bach
on it and then Obe to Joy by Beethoven. I also told him that this is
a violin not a fiddle. The sound was as full as the sound of a large
scale pipe organ. Very classy. I borrowed a dust rag and dusted the
rosin dust off and it shined like a brand new mahogany finished violin.
Even the copies like I had are very valuable. And like they say the
older the violin the sweeter the music.
judy tooley

Hawk Henries
Aug-19-2008, 04:09
Wow Judy it seems you are skilled at many instruments! :) Do you still play the violin?

Aug-19-2008, 23:05
I was told when I was a kid that I had a musical gift. It started when
my parents bought me this little chord organ. Well the chord organ
wasn't that little it was the size of a small Hammond with chord buttons.
Every since then my talent has developed better than I. I have played
from the tiniest flute to the biggest which is the pipe organ. The only
thing I can't play is the drum set. I can't handle that one. I tried to
play one and my rhythm got lost. Just three or four months I enjoyed
playing a bass fiddle at the music shop. The woodwinds and brass
I have to give up because of my bad teeth except the flute I can
still play one of them. They don't require a reed. There are some
instruments that I haven't tried yet. I would like to try playing a
harp,zither,and psalter. I'm trying to get my friend to make me a clay
flute but she won't. As for the violin, I really miss having one. I have
a guitar and harmonica but I miss the little violin I had. It would be
worth something by now.
judy tooley

Aug-20-2008, 07:10
Indeed Judy, your talents are seemingly endless.

Corno Dolce
Aug-20-2008, 08:54
I don't understand this - Ms. Judy says she has had a 1945 copy of a Stradivarius...:confused::confused::confused::conf used::confused::confused::confused:...To my knowlege there is no such a creation...:confused::confused::confused::confused ::confused::confused::confused:

Aha, she has had a violin that was MADE in 1945 - Now THAT seems more plausible...

Aug-20-2008, 13:09
Judy is clearly musically talented, that sounded like a great concert Hawk.


Aug-20-2008, 19:37
I have one problem with my talent. There isn't a place where I can
use it. My church wants professionals not amateurs. With my limits
I try to get beyond amateur but can't and I will not play in bars
either. I would rather play in church on something.
judy tooley

Hawk Henries
Aug-20-2008, 22:20
Judy there are many places you could offer your gifts to. Schools, nursing homes/assisted care facilities, community theater groups, art galleries etc. Don't be discouraged...keep playing your music on what ever instrument you have and offer your gift where you can...:)

Hawk Henries
Aug-20-2008, 22:38
Margaret it indeed was a nice concert. My second classical concert in 2 weeks and my third concert (classical) ever...
I particularly enjoyed a piece by composer Darryl Kubian originally called Zeno's Paradise. The piece was adapted for flute (Allison Kiger) and (Brennan Sweet-Stradivarius violin solo) and other strings and the name changed to A Singularity Theme.

"The second movement, featuring the solo violin, flute, and accompanying strings, portrays light and dark elements of the universe in perfect balance and harmony".

Aug-20-2008, 22:59
Thank you Hawk. Right now I entertain myself and the Grand Musician
in Heaven who gave me this.
judy tooleyhttp://img374.imageshack.us/img374/7801/arpa2gv.gif

Aug-25-2008, 04:45
I think I might get to practice on the organ again. Musicalis would like
to hear of that! I think it hurt him when I said I couldn't play the
pipe organ at my church no more.
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Aug-25-2008, 09:17
Speaking of Musicalis, where is that man hiding these days? He has been conspicuously absent for awhile.

Aug-25-2008, 13:44
Yes, we haven't seen Musicalis for a while. Judy, that would be wonderful if you could get to play the organ again.


Aug-25-2008, 17:59
I don't understand this - Ms. Judy says she has had a 1945 copy of a Stradivarius...:confused::confused::confused::conf used::confused::confused::confused:...To my knowlege there is no such a creation...:confused::confused::confused::confused ::confused::confused::confused:

Aha, she has had a violin that was MADE in 1945 - Now THAT seems more plausible...

I sure did have a copy. A lot of things have been copycated through
the years. This one particular violin was built for an army solder during
World war 2.
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Aug-25-2008, 18:04
A little thought on Stradivarius copies:


Aug-25-2008, 18:26
There is a problem with some of that story. They had a computer back
during the late 40's but it wasn't made like the ones we have now and
even ran differently. The last computer built on that scale and origin was
the IBM 650 for NASA and the military. This one was built on the Stradi
design and was created here in Kentucky. Even this violin had a rich
sound like the real thing. Now I miss it dearly after being talked into
pawning it. I would love to have this beautiful instrument back under
my chin and being played. No other new violin will be able to replace it
because of it's beautiful tone and feel of this instrument. It dosen't
really matter what it was copied after wether it was of a Stradivarius,
or just a plain ordinary Kentucky fiddle. I still miss playing and hearing
it's rich tone in music.:cry:
judy tooley

Corno Dolce
Aug-25-2008, 18:41
Ms. Judy,

I don't understand why you start to talk about the ENIAC built in 1946 which was designed and built to calculate *Artillery Firing Tables* and copies of violins. Please revisit the use of computers in the design and manufacture[CAD/CAM] of stringed instruments. IBM 650? Gosh, we ARE going back in time aren't we?!...



CD :):):)