View Full Version : can anyone identify this instrument?

ernald charles
Aug-25-2008, 17:19
hi everyone,
Im trying to figure out what musical instrument this is? Does anyone know or have any background info on it?


Aug-25-2008, 17:46
It's a hurdy gurdy. With his right hand, the guy is turning a handle connected to a rosined wheel which "bows" a number of strings. Some of the strings are drones, other(s) (can't remember if it's one or more) are stopped by the keyboard-like buttons played by his left hand ...

<thinks> Much easier if I find the Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hurdy_Gurdy) page. </thinks>

Aug-25-2008, 17:49
It looks like a modern version of a nyckleharpa. It's a Finnish type
instrument. Are there any more strange ones that you want to
know about? Welcome to the forum you guys!
judy tooley

Aug-26-2008, 00:35
ernald - I can't see the picture to which you're referring!

Aug-26-2008, 00:45
Kill the net nanny!!

Dec-15-2008, 07:49
The rock group Eluveitie uses the Hurdy Gurdy in their songs. They're a folk rock group from Switzerland.