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Sep-07-2008, 20:39

My software is ready.

With it you can write easily new organs, up to 3 manuals.
There is no user manual yet, but I have written a first tutorial to help you to install and run the software.


The software is at :
http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/My%20Organ%20Builder.zip (http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/My%20Organ%20Builder.zip)

The tutorial (part 1) :
http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/tutorial%20MyOrganBuilder%202-6-9%20part%20One.pdf (http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/tutorial%20MyOrganBuilder%202-6-9%20part%20One.pdf)

If you meet a problem (for instance a file is missing) please inform me at once.
I can also reply to your questions if the answer does not need too long explainations.

Sep-08-2008, 21:46
Thanks Musicalis! I will check it out later.
judy tooley

Oct-03-2008, 23:00
Hi Jean-Paul

Interresting proposal, indeed! I understand you would not give us "ready to wear" organs that represent hours of work.
BUT! A simple example, just as a fisrt appoach..... would be of great help.

Oct-04-2008, 19:05
I cannot give complete virtuals organs to anybody for the following reasons :

- 1st reason ! The sample-sets I use are not mine. Some come from free donwloaded sample sets, others have been made by myself but from a few pipes sampled or from demo MP3 files that do not belong to me. I can only explain to you, how I have processed so as to you can do the same thing than me.
- 2nd reason. A sample set is very big. I have not the possibility to upload it in a reasonnable time.
- My ODF are free, I can give you as much as you want, but you need to have got the relative sample sets.
My program allows you to write new ODF with the pipes samples you own, mixing if you want stops coming from several (free) instruments.
This program is free, and I have not found time to write an user manual. It will come one day.

In a few days, it will be possible to buy a very good sample set : organ of Pibrac, for only 35 euros. You should buy it. Then with my software (and my help), you will be able to build new organs using the pibrac stops.

Nov-25-2008, 12:20
I did the Download of the Organ_Builder at http://organ.monespace.net/My_Organ_Builder/My 20Organ%% 20Builder.zip
Unfortunately at the boot the program i have an error with this message "Cant'load (or register) custom control: 'comdlg32.ocx" what should I do?
Thank you.:confused:

Nov-25-2008, 13:53
Download this file ( 137 Kb) at


and install it in the same folder than MyOrganBuilder.exe
or in your folder Windows/system32.

then tell me if everything is OK

Nov-25-2008, 20:04
Thank you. I download the file and will try this evening.
Congratulations on the job. You know how I will go.

Merci. J'ai télécharger le fichier et essayez de ce soir.
Félicitations pour le travail. Je vais vous dire comment y aller.
Je suis italien afin que nous puissions écrire en français ou en italien.

Nov-26-2008, 00:10
Buona sera io capisco un poco l'italiano, ma me l 'scriva molto male

Nov-26-2008, 19:11
Merci, le logiciel fonctionne bien et félicitations à nouveau car il est vraiment magnifique, et vous êtes disponible si j'ai besoin d'éclaircissements sur son fonctionnement. Cette semaine, lire le Guide, et essayer de construire un ODF, alors contact avec vous dans ce forum.
Je suis un inconditionnel des organes et êtes à la recherche d'échantillons WAV.
Je suis également prêt à faire des échantillons de deux organes qui sont dans ma ville, un organe de 1700 et 1960 romantique.
Franco salutations.

Grazie, il Programma funziona bene e complimenti ancora per esso, è veramente bello, e se sei disponibile mi occorrono dei chiarimenti sul suo funzionamento. Questa settimana leggerò la guida del programma, e proverò a costruire un ODF, poi ti contatterò in questo forum.
Sono molto appassionato di organi e sono alla ricerca di campioni wav.
Sono anche intenzionato a fare i campioni di due organi che si trovano nella mia città, un organo del 1700 e un organo del 1960 romantico.
Saluti Franco.

Nov-26-2008, 22:01
Io sono felice che il software L'accomoda. Ci sono degli errori ma loro sono facili correggere nel il ODF con Notepad per appunti.
l'idea è molto buon per registrare gli organi della Sua città, ma è un lavoro lungo.
L'organo si dice orgue, in francese

Je suis content que le logiciel vous plaise. Il y a des erreurs mais elles sont facile à corriger dans l'ODF avec Notepad.
très bonne idée d'enregistrer les orgues de votre ville, mais c'est un long travail.

Apr-07-2012, 17:45
Hi JP, When I open ORGBUILD288b it gives me this message: This Application may depend on other compressed files in this folder. For the application to run properly, it is recommended that you first extract all files. It gives me three options: Extract All, Run, Cancel.

When I click Extract All it says: Error accessing the system registry. Then I click ok. It then says: Unexpected Error; Quitting

When I click Run it says: This application has failed to start because VB40032.DLL was bit found . Re-installing the application may fix this problem. It then says organ builder is not working. I have downloaded it again and i get the same thing. I have a file called Vb40032.dll (slightly different from VB40032.DLL). I have tried looking at the manual but i have different files.
The files I have are:
----dummy organ.pipes
----orgue Kney.pipes
-orgue Belleville-05.organ
-tutorial MyOrganBuilder 2-6-9 part One.pdf
-Tutorial MyOrganBuilder part Two (not completed).pdf

Apr-08-2012, 11:25
Hi jOrganUser

I wrote this software 4 or 5 years ago using the language Visual Basic 4. At this moment my computer was with windows XP. Today I have a new computer with windows 7 and Visual Basic 4 does not work with Seven or Vista, so I cannot edit or run my software. This software (organ builder) cannot work wiith 7 or vista, this may be the reason why you cannot use it. I am really sorry.