View Full Version : This Lady Plays With Soul...

Corno Dolce
Sep-24-2008, 22:34
My Lady and I have been listening to this lass playing with such soul and feeling...Man, she rocks!!! Check this out:


Sep-24-2008, 23:00
I see that Ms. Dennerlein is getting more and more popular on this forum:) That's good.

I know this vid. Have you seen the one where she's improvising on Toccata and Fugue? I was wondering for a long time how it would sound like played on Hammond. Now I know. Too bad only such short video is available on youtube... :/

Corno Dolce
Sep-24-2008, 23:08
Aloha Mat,

No, I haven't seen that vid of her improvising on the T&F - I shall go hunting for it....


CD :):):)