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Jan-23-2005, 18:36
Hello there, my name is Jamie Morgan, and i have been an avid soundtrack collector for years. the first soundtrack i bought was my Ghostbusters 12" album way back in 1984!!!

Now i come to my question. Does anyone know where, or does anyone have a copy for download of the martial drum cue from the james cameron movie aliens. this was composed by harry rabinowitz, and replaced the music that james horner composed for the film. it is from the section of the film where the marines and ripley are preparing for the drop to the planet, they are preparing the ship moving weapons etc i think you get the idea.

Any help you give will be brilliant

thank you in advance

Jamie Morgan

Frederik Magle
Jun-25-2005, 12:37
Well, I have the "deluxe edition" of the Aliens soundtrack myself, but unfortunately it doens't seem to include that cue as far as I can tell.

A google seearch doesn't help, unfortunately (In fact this thread shows up on a third place when searching for Harry Rabinowitz and Aliens https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif)

If you - or someone else reading this - find a CD (or other legal recording) including the track, please let us know. I've always been very interested in the Aliens film music myself.

Jul-17-2005, 00:19
Off topic, but I just recently watched that film again, and its music is outstanding. I think I've said before that "disaster" music is often hard to compose and have it accepted by the general movie-going public. Very well done.

As for the question at hand, I just don't know. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for any information on it.

Alex Tiuniaev
Aug-07-2005, 21:54
I like James Horner, but I think that Braveheart's the best. Very touching music, just like Mel Gibson's performance.