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higher than hope
Jan-26-2005, 20:34
Hay i have to do an essay on the baroque era but i can' tfind any site's or anything to help me along with i know mostly what i want bu ti need extra help ,im not going to cheat before anyone says anything its purely so i get some extra backround so i get a good mark a 1 would be great!!!!
take care lots of love

higher than hope
Feb-01-2005, 19:51
its alright iv done it and iv done well yay but thank you for notreplying it only came to me adfter i had posted it that yes it would be considered cheating in london ,damn lecturers!!
take care
lots of love

Feb-10-2005, 01:17
Hi Harriet,

There is a good site at www.concerto-demon.co.uk (http://www.concerto-demon.co.uk), but I don't know if it's still around. Otherwise, try some of the music guides at your local library.

Jul-08-2005, 17:14
Hello Harriet,

This maybe out-of-track, but can you help me about information about schubert. I mean, the image or expression of his pieces, his backgrounds and where I can find his CD or MP3. I never got the right expression for his song and It's really wretched me up.