View Full Version : 411 for the Steely Dan Fans.

Oct-21-2008, 11:21
As all of you will soon recognize, with music I'm kinda all over the place and make honest (sometimes great) effort to not restrict myself. My MP3 and CD collections are surely among the most diverse out there. :D Of course, some genres (just a few, to be a bit more accurate) will never agree with me. Anyway, Smooth Jazz and Steely Dan provide n' sustain the extent of my fanfair in this area of music, I'm afraid. Well, Steely Dan was here in Vegas back in August and I had every intention of attending down at The Palms until I seen the ticket prices. If I recall correctly the cheapest ticket was $178. Granted, I realize the late 80's are well in my past but Dear Lord! It finally dawned on me that perhaps the primary reason for the exorbitant pricing at hand here stems from the venue and the size of which. It's common I've gathered for a local to describe The Palms by sayin' something to the effect, "There's never a bad seat in the house." The place is much smaller than the average multi-faceted entertainment venue and I've gathered this often results in something kinda bitter/sweet: There's a great view involved but your likely to pay a bit more by comparison to Mandalay or The Grand. Hope that info. serves yu well if ever your in town here and consider The Palms for a show of some kind. Oh, and beware of those Steely Dan ticket prices.:D

Oct-30-2008, 17:02
i always failed to see what was "jazzy" in mister Fagen and co's music, but it doesn't matter, since i like their music very much. just like joe cocker and other "white" singers or groups did at the time, steely dan featured "black" session players. among them was pretty purdie, and some other members of the late kingpins if i remember well. even today i rarely find "pop" singers with a funky feel backing them.

my favourite from steely dan: "the fez"

to me smooth jazz evokes more bob james than steely dan. drummergirlamie, do you know or like bob james music? (i'm talking about the albums One, Two, Three, BJ4, and Faces).