View Full Version : Can this music be used for films

Oct-26-2008, 15:33
Hi Everyone!

Many of my friends tell me my music would be fine for films and would be great for orchestra...do you feel it like this and who can transcribe it for orchesrta.
Another thing-I Have a quartet written some time ago-anybody interested to play it?!

Thanks in advance for replaying!
emanuil mihaylov

Oct-26-2008, 20:47
Might be easier if it were possible to hear samples of your music directly from your website. I wasn't particularly wanting to register then download great slabs of mp3. Just a 30 second grab in the first instance would do.

Oct-27-2008, 17:46
Hi toto
I liked your idea and optimized my site putting there a new modul on your right...
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