View Full Version : How do new composers get thier works performed?

Robert Spriggs
Feb-16-2005, 22:07
And more to the point, how do they get thier orchestral works performed? Is it all who you know, or do you have to get a grant and hire them at union rates, or do you have to hire as many amature musicans as you can find and put together your own orchestra? I have no idea. Anbody know about this? Also, publishing a score. How does one go about publishing a score, and just what does it mean to have a score published?

Apr-06-2005, 23:25
Hey Robert,

It really is just a matter of patience and hard work: you can’t expect to just step into classical music and right away be performed. Approach lower level orchestras, make friends in the business, especially performers, and eventually you'll get your break. One of the best ways to not only get your pieces performed by also to get them noticed is to submit scores to composition competitions.

Best of luck.


Robert Spriggs
May-04-2005, 17:46
Thanks Johnathan! Those are some good ideas to keep in mind.

Frederik Magle
Jul-03-2005, 14:14
I will second Jonathan's excellent reply. Getting your music performed by a professional symphony orchestra is something that only few - even professional - composers get. One exception are special master classes sometimes held by professional or semi-professional orchestras/ensembles that allow aspiring composers to have smaller pieces performed by a full orchestra. It's rare but it does happen from time to time.

Dees Ceha
Jul-05-2005, 13:44
There is only two things regarding that:

1. Write a good music.
2. Have good contacts.

If there is fault with one of these - no success.

Maybe the second one is a bit more important.