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Oct-29-2008, 14:12
Hi everyone,

Firstly I would like to apologise for what will most definitely be a VERY annoying and "n00bish" post.

I want to learn an instrument, but I am not 100% on what I would like to learn. I have minor specification for my list but some are "musts" whereas others are "would like".

I would mainly like to learn to play jazz/blues as this is the thing I have a strong interest in, I have an interest in rock music too but not overly for playing as I have tried guitar, bass, drums and I couldn't get on with them...

I'd prefer something less "fiddly" than say a guitar in respects to strings/frets and my major point is that if at all possible I would prefer it if the instrument in question was able to be "silenced" (by this I mean quiet enough for me to hear but not so much everyone on my street!)

I love the saxophone but its so loud it does put me off somewhat, I've seen the silencer style things and heard them and it doesn't really dull the sound enough as I live in quite a residential area with a lot of "busy boddies" and "neighbourhood watch" so would quite possibly have them at my throat after the first practise! lol

Learning an instrument is something I've always wanted to do and now I have the opportunity but its just finding something that fits my criteria.

Any help you can give would be GREATLY recieved and I'd like to thank you all in advance for any help.

Corno Dolce
Oct-29-2008, 15:40
Aloha simon,

Welcome aboard! Please do make yourself feel right at home around here and plan on staying for a spell. You say you wish for an instrument that is not fiddly - well, then I'll suggest, based upon the little you have shared, that you would entertain the idea of getting to know how to play a tenor trombone in B-flat.

A trombone will give you maximum expressivity. Once you really learn how to play it and understand the repertoire that you can partake in, man, the possibilities are endless. I needn't dwell on the fact that you can, because of the slide on a trombone, easily do microtonal scales. Furthermore, if you're seriously thinking about practicing hard(blood, sweat, and tears baby), invest in the Yamaha Silentbrass system:


With this you can practice anytime you want and never disturb your neighbors or your loved ones.

Finally, you could always get an electric piano and some headphones - Look into getting a Yamaha CP-300. Its a portable full-range keyboard that you can put on your bedroom or kitchen table:


With a keyboard you can solo, be the harmonic filler, be the rhythm section, be the bass section and so on. In the interest of full disclosure please know that I'm not a Yamaha salesperson, nor am I employed by that company or in any way, shape, or form, affiliated to it.


Corno Dolce :):):)

Oct-29-2008, 16:34
Hi Simon
Don't worry about being n00bish. I went through the same thoughts before I started to play. Back in time I played some guitar, but it didn't really appeal to me in the long run. Now, a lot of years later I really wanted to pick up playing again, but not on the guitar. Digging deep in my needs and wants I came up with the idea of me learning to play the piano. The piano is so versatile that it fitted my wishes, even though I couldn't really pinpoint which kind of music I want play when I get through the "n00b" stage.
Today I own a Roland HP203 and I must say that it easily covers my needs and then some. The most beautiful part of it is that I can wear headphones and my wife (and everybody else) does not have to listen to me fighting with scales and new melodies.

I am still a n00b, and will be for a long time ;-)
Good luck deciding which way to go.

Oct-29-2008, 16:38
flute is quite a smooth instrument but higher notes are sometimes amazingly painful for those who don't want to hear them.

Oct-29-2008, 23:20
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the replies, I managed to try out many instruments and it came down to the fact that I love saxophone, so I went with it. The guy said to me that in the future after some lessons and practise I should be able to lower the volume by myself anyway so thats awesome.

He also suggested that if I want to practise at night or a time when I wouldn't be able to really play with any volume I can just practise the finger techniques and add the 'blowing' part later on :D

Nov-05-2008, 22:50
Good for you Simon. Picking up the instrument you like the best is, in my mind, the way to go. This way you are certain that you can take it the furthest instead of making it halfway through on an instrument you do not love.
Good luck with the journey.

Nov-13-2008, 21:30
I also are looking for an instrument to play. Im curios about ukulele. Is it easier to play an ukulele than a classical guitar??