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Oct-30-2008, 03:04
I love Carillons I have some questions about an old electronic carillon unit I took a picture of at my Church that has both the words Van Bergen and Maas-Rowe on it:
1. Is there anyone that an look at my picture I took that might know something about the old electronic carillon unit?
2. I have an interest in sound I would love to hear what these songs sound like on the Maas-Rowe Grand Symphony Carillon in a Jam Box even though these songs may be recorded in mono mode:
1. How Great thou Art
2. Holy, Holy, Holy
3.Blessed Assurance
4. Christ the Lord is Risen today
Can someone help me hear these songs on the Maas-Rowe Grand Symphony Carillon?
3. I would love to talk with someone that knows about electronic carillons via e-mail and have some friends that know about electronic carillons Is there people that know about electronic carillons that would like to be my friend and would like to be an e-mail pen pal also?

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Nov-04-2008, 00:54
I love Carillons and have gotten a copy of the Ghent-Baird Carillon. I believe it came from Crumhorn Labs (makers of Hauptwerk) and was free. The sound is really incredible.