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Feb-18-2005, 00:23
Hi all,

Just wanted to tell you about what's taking up the majority of my time at the moment: an arrangement/transcription of Leoncavallo's opera in 2 acts "I Pagliacci" ("The Clowns") for symphonic windensemble and vocal soloists.
The opera is scheduled to be performed by Herlev Concertband and some soloists from the Operaaccademy here in Copenhagen in May. - More information can be found at http://www.hcb.dk (in Danish).

For anyone interested I'll present the opera in my arrangement in mp3-format here as played by my computer - with the usual "conditions" and in remembering that it IS a computer playing (Finale 2005b: "Human playback") so it's to be taken "as is".


Act 1:


This is what I've got as mp3 so far - in addition I've completed the 2nd act (with the cuts made by the director of the band - some parts of the opera, mainly the parts with a chorus, won't be performed at the concerts in May so they are omitted - also from my arrangement - they might be added later). Those mp3s and the first part of the first act will be added when I get around to making the mp3s and as for the first part of the opera when I've finished arranging it.
Leoncavallo is in public domain, but my arrangment is of course NOT - so don't tempt anything with these files I make available here.

Comments are, as always, welcome.

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