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higher than hope
Mar-08-2005, 21:42
darling people!
i wonder if there is any alice cooper fans willing to come forward an tlka??

Frederik Magle
Jun-13-2005, 11:55
I'm not really a fan, but I must admit he has his moments:

COOPER TO BEHEAD PARIS HILTON (http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/cooper%20to%20behead%20paris%20hilton)

"This year, I'm thinking of cutting Paris Hilton's head off. That'll be fun.

"Or maybe I'll take all of the AMERICAN IDOL contestants, kill them off one by one and mount their heads on sticks."

oh dear... https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/devil.gif https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Jul-30-2005, 19:33

I've seen Alice Cooper many times and have most of his albums.

Alice Cooper's new album is simply his best for so long. He has his 70's sound. The music he had in the 70's - e.g. Billion Dollar Babies has been lost over time. Modern sounding albums like Trash were great anf I really rate The Last Temptation.

Eyes of Alice Cooper was good, but Dirty Diamonds has great tracks - Dirty Diamonds, the very funny saga of Jesse Jane, Sunset Babies (All got Rabies) which should be a single and the cool Perfect. Heavy traks like Run Down The Devil - recorded I think in 13 days! Alice now has a cool band again . The tour will be excellent.

I have read some reviews which don't rate the new album, but if you are a fan of classic cooper - Killer, Billion Dollar Babies, Schools Out etc then Dirty Diamonds is excellent and should be getting a bigger push from the record company.

Alice csn go one better and thats do a follow up to Welcome to The Nightmare/Go To Hell - another concept album will do me.

As you can guess I'm a big fan - for me a bad (and he hasn't done many bad albums) is better and more imaginative than most bands can do. In 1973 I think Alice was Warner Bros best selling artist. It's amazing he's still firing on all cylinders.

Check out my review of Dirty Diamonds at www.aorock.co.uk (http://www.aorock.co.uk) - go below table /pics (for Tony Mills/Shy) and click on left button to read review.

If Alice is doing the Paris Hilton thing, I hope he's still doing the Britney Spears thing live still as it's very funny.

p.s. Alice has had a lot of great moments !

All the best from the UK


Jul-30-2005, 19:44
Hi - sure . Alice Cooper is back with his best album since the late 70's. My reply is further down list. But sure - post again and I will reply - have a look at my review of his new album.

Alice Cooper has hit form and I haven't enjoyed an album this much for quite a while.

Richy - UK

Jul-31-2005, 00:17
I'm not really a Cooper "fan" but he cracks me up...

" He muses, "This year, I'm thinking of cutting Paris Hilton's head off. That'll be fun."

"Or maybe I'll take all of the AMERICAN IDOL contestants, kill them off one by one and mount their heads on sticks."

That's classic.

I loved his scene in Wayne's World too, especially the part about Milwaukee, since I'm a Wisconsin native.

Aug-16-2005, 06:57
The dude does get around- seen him on That 70`s Show too. Doesn`t do too badly for a 70`s rocker. More power to him.

Oct-24-2005, 00:00
Honestly I have never been a fan of Alice Cooper. I find that his music follows the path that many other artists have traveled. It just doesn't sound original.

I have yet to hear more than 2 of his songs however, so maybe the others are different. They don't play him on Sirius (Satellite Radio) that often.

Oct-24-2005, 17:24
He was pretty orginal visually and artistically 36 years ago. I don't think most people realize he was shocking people before Marylin Manson was even born. Manson shocked the hell out of the world, and he is nothing more than a follow-up act. Alice has "originator" written all over him.

I also discovered recently that Alice has a nationally syndicated radio show (http://www.nightswithalicecooper.com). I've really come to enjoy listening to him when I'm on my long training runs in the evenings.

Oct-29-2005, 11:47
Is there a CD available with "How You Gonna See Me Now" on it?

I'd love to get hold of this track https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead3.gif

Aug-10-2006, 06:41
I've always enjoy Alice and his tactics. He is a great showman, and knows a lot more aobut music then most people can guess. His discogrphy is long and winding, and his friends list reads like a Who's Who of the Rock world.

Aug-27-2006, 22:36
I agree with Ruhm in that what makes Alice Cooper stand apart from the rest is that he has showmanship on top of originality.

As has been said previous he was the original shocker and boy did he do it well. A little more talk these days but having been to one of his gigs a while back I can say his is amongst the best live performances I have seen.

I fully expect him to be terrorising parents for many a year yet perhaps entering stage right with decapitated heads mounted on a walking frame!:grin:

Apr-12-2007, 20:11
I have a few of his older albums but wouldn't say I was a great follower. I stopped buying his music around the late 80's as I had to do the grown up thing for a while!
I remember seeing him in concert at a seaside town called Whitley Bay here in the UK and did he perform. One of the best stage acts I have seen over the years for sure.
May sound bad but I just want to remember him from those days as when I see him on tv now he is really looking old and doesn't really have the shock appeal after being copied by the masses.