View Full Version : Identifying an instrument from a sound sample

Nov-04-2008, 23:00

I've been listening to enya's triad (st.Patrick, Cu Chulainn, Oisin) song, and I was wondering what is the instrument that you can hear in the second part of the song, especially near the end of that part.

here's a sample of the song :



I don't know for sure how to describe it, its sound is low, bass, loud, pounding, a bit squeezed and lengthy.

When I hear it, it usually makes me think of 18th-19th centuries castles and the ceremonious feasts held in them (though that's just my own impression).

What do you think ?

Nov-05-2008, 01:31
Well, I hear a pipe organ with chimes, a piano, and a zither or psaltry.
That's what I hear. Welcome to the forum.
judy tooley