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Apr-08-2005, 13:38
Hi all,

I've recently seen a few episodes of the British Comedy series "The Thin Blue Line" - starring, amongst others, Rowan Atkinson. - Having seen the occational "Mr. Bean" and "Black Adder" episode, this particular show beats the former, in my opinion, by lenghts. It's utterly hillarious, and at times extremely slapstick.
I've ordered the complete DVD set (comprising the entire 2 seasons of the show - it's a pitty they didn't make more than 2 seasons) for below £10 incl. shipping to Denmark.
It's heartly recommended for anyone who wants a thoroughly fun time.

What's your favorite comedy show (of all time or just for the moment)?


Frederik Magle
Jun-13-2005, 13:02
Well, first I must admit that I watch very little television, so there's probably many good shows I don't know anything about. It's also hard for me to name one favorite, but there are a few comedy shows I have enjoyed when watching them from time, some of which are:
• Monty Python's Flying Circus
• Some Black Adder (I & II) and also some Mr. Bean episodes (I do love the title music for all three shows though)
• The quality varies a lot I think, but I've seen a couple of truly funny episodes of "Frasier"
• I've seen funny episodes of other shows as well, but I can't remember their names https://www.magle.dk/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I haven't seen any "Thin Blue Line" though, but if I get a chance I will...